5 Best Content Planning Tools for Saas Companies To Streamline Their Work

Congratulations! Your Software as a Service (SaaS) is expanding.  You’ve used a variety of marketing strategies to achieve this. Now the next phase is SaaS content marketing which mainly includes content writing like blogs, articles, copywriting, etc. And it’s a critical step, the driving force for making your SaaS company stand out amid a sea of competitors.

Powerful content will not only assist you in outshining your competitors, but it will also maintain user interactions, be a determinant of the success of paid digital marketing initiatives, and be the most effective approach to reaching your target clients.

According to CoBloom’s study of 250 SaaS companies, the leading 10% of blogs received an average of 45,700 organic traffic. On average, 573 people visited a blog article. These are incredible stats.

Content marketing in the SaaS industry differs from marketing in other industries. Because;

  • you sell technology and services,
  • the number of sales you make is determined by client feedback, 
  • you’re aware of the risks that customers face, 
  • your marketing strategies place a high value on returning customers,
  • search engine optimization is a part of your marketing strategy, and
  • your marketing strategies educate prospects.

So, how can you employ strategic content marketing to promote your SaaS product effectively? The answer lies in a thorough content planning of what to do, how to do it, which customers to target, and what content to upload to attract an audience.

And without any content planning tool, you are nowhere near the road to a successful SaaS company. Here, in this article, we have mentioned a list of 5 content planning platforms for SaaS content marketing to uplevel your marketing game like never before.

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5 Best Content Planning Tools and Platforms for SaaS Content Marketing

1) Inturact

Inturact is a SaaS consulting firm that also offers integrated SaaS marketing services. They develop a marketing strategy that is in line with your company’s goals and improves consumer connections in general.

Their cutting-edge digital solutions can help you reach a wider audience, keep more customers, and improve income.

Their expertise includes B2B SaaS Growth Consulting & Product-Led Content Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Growth Hacking, Web Design & Development, Content Marketing, Graphic Design, Analytics Tracking & Setup, Data Analysis, and the entire SaaS Marketing Journey – everything you need to transform your product from a stationary object to an unstoppable force.

They create a personalized marketing strategy tailored to your company and based on the SaaS Marketing Journey outlined below. This comprises main SaaS objectives like:

  • Obtaining Customers
  • Alignment of Sales and Marketing
  • Customer Retention and Revenue Generation

Price: They’ll schedule a 30-minute call with you to learn more about your company, determine if it’s a good fit, and devise a strategy for boosting your present marketing efforts.

2) BuzzSumo

The Content Analyzer tool of BuzzSumo allows you to scan the internet for any content that contains your search keyword. The degree of interaction connected for each results page, not just the original search data, is what helps to make this feature so valuable.

BuzzSumo also offers a content assessment report in addition to the opportunity to perform unlimited searches. This tool comes in handy a lot while doing competition research. You may also use BuzzSumo’s advanced search function to get even more specific.

The option to store searches is a useful feature given in the Content Analyzer. This saves you time by eliminating the need to repeat search queries and provides you with fast access.

Facebook Analyzer, Question Analyzer, Alerts, Save Search, and many other useful features in BuzzSumo will help make your SaaS content marketing more streamlined.


  • Pro, $79/mo – Unlimited searches, 5 alerts, and 5,000 mentions, 1 year of search data, up to 5 users, 50 exports, save up to 5 projects, and other features. 
  • Plus, $139/mo – Unlimited searches, 10 alerts, and 10,000 mentions, question analyzer, 1 year of search data, up to 10 users, 150 exports, save up to 15 projects, and other features.
  • Large, $239/mo – Unlimited searches, 30 alerts, and 20,000 mentions, question analyzer, Facebook analyzer, 2 years of search data, up to 15 users, 200 exports, save up to 30 projects and other features.
  • Enterprise, $499/mo – Unlimited searches, 50+ alerts, and 20,000 mentions, question analyzer, Facebook analyzer, 5 years of search data, custom user access, custom export volume, custom project saving, and other features.

3) Ahrefs Content Explorer

Another one of the great content planning tools for SaaS content marketing is Ahrefs Content Explorer. The creator of Business Media, Karl Kangur, claims that Ahrefs’ Content Explorer has so far been their hidden tool against all other SEO firms.

It’s a marketer’s treasure trove when it comes to locating the most shared content, breaking backlink-building possibilities, or simply things you’ve overlooked. The Ahrefs Content Explorer is a fantastic tool for discovering hot subjects on the internet.

The idea that you really can type in practically ANY subject from ANY niche makes it extremely handy.

The date and amount of social media activity, such as retweets, Facebook shares, repins, LinkedIn shares, and so on, will be displayed in Ahrefs Content Explorer’s rankings.


  • Lite: 99$ per month for 5 projects.
  • Standard: 199$ per month for 20 projects.
  • Advanced: 399$ per month for 50 projects.
  • Enterprise: 999$ per month for 100 projects.

Other features like the number of reports, number of keywords you can track, customer support, etc., also vary in these 4 plans offered by Ahrefs.

4) Buffer

Buffer is primarily intended for small businesses that wish to use social media to increase engagement. The programmers devised a simple solution that links people who create material with others who must approve it. You can use the tool to produce content and share it across multiple social media platforms at the same time.

Because of its many capabilities, this product is on my list of the best content marketing tools. The tool includes every aspect of content marketing, from strategy to execution, with features like Stories and Hashtag Planner, as well as Post Analytics and Custom reports to help you analyze the effects of your efforts.

When it comes to ease of use, Buffer outperforms its competitors. Its interface has a satisfying coherence and simplicity to it, with no unnecessary elements to divert the user’s attention away from the task at hand.


  • The Premium package, which costs $56 per month for two users, adds collaborative tools as well as the ability to schedule up to 2,000 posts.
  • The Business subscription, which costs $85 a month for six people and allows you to link up to 25 social network accounts, is reasonably priced.
  • You can also add people at the cost of $25 per month per user or contact Buffer to discuss a subscription for bigger social media teams.

5) HubSpot

HubSpot is yet another CRM tool that can help you with all of your content marketing needs, from creating new organic content to analyzing and examining the content infrastructure of your opponents.

HubSpot CRM primarily provides services in five areas: marketing, sales, services, content management system, and operations. HubSpot’s marketing software lets you increase web traffic, convert traffic into sales, and handle various collaborative marketing strategies. Lead generation, marketing automation, and analytics are some of the most popular elements of the Marketing hub.

Here’s an interesting case study of HubSpot’s content marketing strategy that shows how and why HubSpot has been successful in being the best in the marketing world. 

HubSpot’s Sales Hub helps you gain profound and fundamental goals and insights into prospects and, as a result, automates the repetitive processes that don’t require ongoing interaction so you can spend so much time on the aspects that do.


  • Starter: 45$ per month with 1000 marketing contacts.
  • Professional: 800$ per month with 2000 marketing contacts.
  • Enterprise: 3,200$ per month for 10,000 marketing contacts.

Tips for a Successful SaaS Content Marketing Strategy ‍

Content and product-led content marketing for SaaS companies is more than just a way for people to learn about your product; it’s also a way for them to connect with you. They’ll learn about your company, product, and the problems they have that you can answer by interacting with your content.

Redesign your website

Creating a SaaS brand website should be your first priority. This is where your thought leadership content will be stored. These pieces will establish you as a thought leader in your industry while also entertaining your target audience.

You’re writing for your ICP and target audience, not for search engine marketing or Google (at least not explicitly). What are the topics that customers like to read about? What should they be reading? What are you able to write that no one else can?

Make the most of your unique data

Great content marketing and a good content strategy have no significant secrets. Successful content marketing methodologies, playbooks, and tactics are freely shared in the content marketing community. What there is, though, is a one-of-a-kind execution.

Split your SaaS content marketing efforts: 50 : 50

Many SaaS marketing teams don’t devote as much time to delivering content as they do to creating it. Consider this: you’ve spent hours, days, or even weeks crafting an excellent piece, leaving it to float in the sea. Take your distribution network a step further by creating material that is relevant to the platform you’re utilizing to distribute your piece.

Create a keyword conversion strategy

When it comes to content strategy, many SaaS organizations have their keywords mixed up or don’t categorize them at all. They choose keywords related to their target demographic but don’t go any further.

According to the findings, businesses have relevant keywords but are unaware of where they fit into the consumer journey or which terms resonate with buyer intent. Conversion keywords are your cash cows and require unique content to support them.

When completing all of your keyword research, work collaboratively with your PPC team to determine your converting keywords. You can use Ahrefs content explorer for this purpose, one of the best content planning tools for SaaS content marketing.

Write properly for each stage of the funnel

To begin, seek out excellent writers who are knowledgeable in their fields. Onboard them so they know everything there is to know about your product, your target audience, and the part of the marketing funnel for which they are writing.

Use TOFU material to attract your target demographic, BOFU content to align your brand, and a distinct point of view to push within the market.

When you optimize your marketing content for MOFU, you’ll have a lot of success. The important SEO effort begins when you meet people who have a need for you and a solution you have. Figure out where you’re going to spend your attention and lead this material with SEO, especially if you’re in a crowded market.

Bottom Line

In the SaaS market, publishing high-quality content is critical. Because you’ll need to post your material on many channels to attain the results you want, doing everything manually will be difficult and slow down the process. You might get faster results by using the correct content marketing tools. With that in mind, you must try one of the above-mentioned best content planning tools for SaaS content marketing.

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Author bio: 

Trevor’s career began as a freelance learning applications developer and designer. After finding success in software he moved into SaaS consulting, and started the SaaS growth agency, Inturact. Over the last 10+ years Inturact has helped many SaaS companies find scalability and get acquired. Inturact is now also an investment vehicle for Inturact Capital – a private equity fund that acquires, grows and exits SaaS companies.