7 Great Tips to Improve Your Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing is gaining more and more popularity every year. Basically, that’s because it is the best way to promote your business and find gazillions of new clients.

Many people are starting to get interested in this area and implement various strategies. But few of them take time to dig into the process and use content marketing insights the right way.

So, here are 7 tips that will help you make the most out of your content marketing strategy.

1. See what your competitors are doing

Monitoring your competitors is a great way to stay on top of industry trends and to see what makes certain content so popular and efficient.

It doesn’t mean that you have to steal ideas. No. Try to understand the deepest reasons why your competitors are so successful and what tools they are using. In addition, try to implement your discoveries into your content marketing plan.

Be sure that most of the successful ways to communicate with your audience are already used by others in your industry.
So, if you find the elements and methods that help your competitors, you can implement them in your workflow and learn effective seo content strategy much faster than if you were completely on your own.
Analyze their success stories to give your brain more fresh ideas to develop your great content strategy.

Here are the things that you have to focus on when you go through competitors’ content:

  • Publishing frequency

  • The best pieces of content and the background strategy of publishing them. What kind of posts do they publish more often? Which ones have the most success?

  • Keyword phrases they use for search engines

  • Social media engagement. How many followers do they have? What is the average amount of shares and comments per post?

  • Their email newsletter

  • Their popups (if they have any)


2. Listen to your customers

Whether you remember it or not, you are using your content to make people trust you. This way, a certain number of them will think that they can confidently buy your product or your services.

Only a small portion of your audience will connect with you. That’s because only a certain part of visitors will be really interested in what you have to offer.
And, if you want to reach more people that your business can help, you just have to target them.

Check out some content that your audience likes and look at what they say about it.
Read people’s comments and reviews to discover their opinions, their preferences, and the way they think about anything related to your niche.

When you do so try always to keep a good perspective on what you’re analyzing. Keep in mind that you follow this process only to better understand people who will buy from you.
The following questions will always help you put yourself in the right mental state to connect with your potential customers:

  • What are they interested in?

  • What makes them struggle?

  • What part of their life can you make better?

  • How can you do that?


3. Be clear

Confusing and wordy content is hard to digest. If that’s your case, the number of people who’ll think of buying from you will be lower than it could’ve been.

You want to give two main messages to each of your readers: “I can solve you this or that problem” and “You can trust me with your money because I won’t disappoint you”.

Consciously or not, over time you’ll add more messages in your seo marketing strategy but most of them will link to these two.

You have to always keep that in mind and use these affirmations in the content creation process.
This way you’re going to start every piece of content with the right perspective, which will make your content clear.

4. Be Present on Social Media

Basically, this whole digital marketing process is just a popularity challenge. Companies try to stand out and gain the attention of people who could appreciate them and what they offer.

In order to be seen and gain that attention, your content must be posted and shared on social media platforms. Since most of the people spend a lot of time on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, etc., they are definitely right spots to share your content.

The major problems of building a solid presence on social media are the lack of understanding of the needs of audience and the lack of time. It may happen that you may know little how to connect with people or you may have no time to share content with consistency.

The first one can be solved with deep market and customer research.
While the best way to deal with the second is to use some tools like
Drumup.io. This software helps you easily schedule your posts and cut the social media management time by up to 90%.

5. Prioritize SEO

Another great tip is to take advantage of search engines. 77% of users tend to choose Google.

Everyone uses search engines to find some kind of information entering specific keywords and phrases. If you rank on the first page of Google for specific keywords relevant to your niche, you’ll get a lot of traffic to your site every month.

In this way, new visitors will know about your site and a part of them will be interested in what you can offer to them.

6. Keep content consistent

Another aspect that marketing newbies get very often wrong is having a consistent voice in every piece of content.

If you use different voices in your posts, you could easily sound contradictory to your audience. And this can really undermine their trust.

Actually, if you know what you are doing, you can use different voices in different situations. But you must do it consciously.

So, before you start planning out your content, write down the main message you want to send to your audience. After that, write the main characteristics of the tone of voice you’re going to use to deliver the message efficiently.

These content writing tips are going to speed up the process and ensure a consistent voice.

7. Think long-term

Building a catalog of high-quality content about your niche is going to make your business grow. But it’s not going to happen tomorrow or next week.

A solid online presence is not easy to achieve. So, you have to be patient and think that your efforts will give you the results you want. You just have to keep on going and always improve yourself.


I hope these tips will give you a clear picture of content marketing and how to do it better.

Make sure you take some time to analyze how you can implement these tips properly in your content strategy.

I’ve been writing articles for various companies as a freelance writer for over 6 years. Recently, I’ve started my own project ContentAdore. I’m fond of art and creativity. I like to help others and from time to time I support volunteering initiatives. Let’s change this world for better together!

The CEO of ContentAdore,
Vladimir Mirnii