Should you Make the Switch to Windows 8?

Microsoft comes out with a jaunty new version of Windows in what seems like every decade. This time they seem to have skipped a few pages to begin a brand new chapter with Windows 8. Microsoft has gone all the way to re-invent the wheel with revolutionary features like a touch interface, a brand new start screen and tablet compatibility. Many say that this might be due to the fear of interactive platforms such as Mac and the Linux foundation’s Ubuntu rising in fame coupled with a need to get into the mobile phone and tablet market dominated by Android and Apple.

Why Online Marketers Should Pay Close Attention to Windows 8

So what do these features really mean? Are they helpful? Is the new OS better than its previous counterparts or does it have hidden traps? All we know is that it has got some features that no other Microsoft release has ever had. A study conducted earlier this month by Chitika Insights on how users with different OS’ react to marketing strategies suggests that the software version can be used as a base indicator to determine if a user is tech savvy. This means that you have to change your marketing and content strategies to suit the newer features and determine the best methods to get higher conversion rates.

We thought that if we could break down the differences between Windows 8 and Windows 7, you could probably come up with some innovative ideas on how to promote your brand with Windows 8.