Maximizing the Local SEO Benefits of the New Google+ Local Tab

For businesses, the new Google+ Local tab is not just an additional social feature. The tab provides details and ratings of local businesses and the information compiled under it is indexed by the search engine. The feature gives businesses a chance to improve their search rank and drive Google+ recommendations with the aim of boosting future business. Here are a few tips to help you make the most of the new feature

Create a Google+ account

If you haven’t set up a Google+ account yet, now is the time to join the social network. Fill in all the details and start adding family members, friends and customers to your circles. Ask your SEO writers to create interactive and interesting content to be shared on the platform. Unless you are active on the network, you can’t take advantage of the features offered by it.

Maintain both, Google Place listing and Google+ Local page

Currently the search giant is in the process of replacing old Google Places listings with the new Google+ Local pages. As the transition is not yet complete, it is best to maintain pages on both the platforms to ensure consistent online presence.

Link your website with the new Google+ Local page

Linking your official site with your Google+ Local page is advisable. This will not only further your local SEO efforts, but also score you a few points on the social front by revealing your presence on Google+ Local to your existing customers.

As of now, there are no indications that the interface update will have a significant impact on the overall search results. So while you implement the above tips, do continue following the best practices for local SEO.