What Google Wants You to Know Again: The 100 Links Per Page Guideline is Gone

This week, Matt Cutts talked about the permissible number of links on a webpage. SEO professionals, content marketing professionals and webmasters have been wary of adding too many links on a page for the obvious reason that it will spring search engine spiders into a spam alert. The understanding floating around is that any more than 100 links per page can attract a penalty by Google. Cutts, in his video, sought to dispel this myth. Actually, Google removed the 100-link-per-page guideline back in 2008. It now says that a webpage should have a reasonable number of links. It is not clear what constitutes ‘reasonable’, but here are some pearls of wisdom SEO experts have to offer.

Mind Your Language in Online Content to Improve Site Quality

Have you ever wondered if spelling and grammar are considered by Google algorithms while assessing the quality of a page and assigning rankings to that page? Well, Matt Cutts – the beloved head of the Google Webspam team, clears up any doubts that you may have about spelling and grammar in online content in this video. He also makes the case for good grammar and spelling in online content because people will come back to a site that has good grammar and spelling as the site looks more reputable.