Social Summit 2016

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Get People to Notice Your Brand – Use Disruptive Marketing

People are bombarded with promotions and advertisements from all directions but are able to ignore the noise and pick up messages that are important to them. In the current marketing world where your messages could easily be dismissed as noise by your target audience, how do you get them to notice your message? More importantly, how and why do people sift through the noise and focus on certain messages?

Marketing Needs to Be Reinvented Constantly

People don’t realize the fact that we use marketing almost everyday. When we try and convince a child to eat his/her vegetables or negotiate the price of an item, we are trying to get the other person to do something differently. This persuasion is the core of marketing. However, marketing has a bad rap nowadays as people believe it to be false and something they cannot trust. Many people believe that marketing needs to be avoided as it can induce people to do something that they don’t necessarily want to do.