Companies are Increasing their Digital Marketing Budgets for 2013

Online marketing – especially content and social media marketing – has been seeing tremendous growth in the last few years. Businesses are finally giving social media and content marketing the due respect they deserve and are incorporating it in their overall marketing strategies. Online marketing is no longer a one time activity done on the fly! More and more companies are joining the online marketing bandwagon because they have seen how successful and cost effective it can be. 2012 was the year of content marketing when surveys showed that a large number of companies were expanding their content marketing budgets and creating and publishing more content online.

Advertising in the Digital Age – How Consumers Interact with Products and Brands

The digital era has completely revolutionized advertising. People nowadays have access to so much information so easily that they are very well informed and very opinionated. Discriminatory and false advertising techniques that used to be so effective in the 1960s cannot be used these days. Backlash against controversial advertising is so common that Creative Directors have to be very cautious.