Top 95 Content Curation Tools List (81 – 95)

81. OpenTopic

OpenTopic was founded by Sophie Reinauld. It is an online platform meant for discovering and publishing content that is interesting and relevant to users’ needs. The content publishing process is automated and can be monitored easily. OpenTopic has a search engine to aggregate relevant and satisfactory content which can be curated to engage a user’s audience through social media sharing and customized home pages. OpenTopic allows you to feed all social media sites, websites and blogs, or even create a newsletter from a single platform.

Top 95 Content Curation Tools List (66 – 80)

66. Pluggio

Pluggio is an online social content curation tool which helps in social media management. The tools it provides help to keep track of and organize different profiles, gather followers on social networks, and automatically curate and publish targeted content. The website serves as a means to aggregate and discover trending content from Twitter. Pluggio also offers its users an option to import existing twitter lists and the ability to schedule Tweets for a later time. Pluggio was created by Justin Vincent. It is available as a free service, but has many more features to offer its paid users. A wide range of different paid plans are available for users.

Top 95 Content Curation Tools List (51 – 65)

51. My Syndicaat

My Syndicaat is a personalized online aggregator that allows users to collect, filter and share important and relevant web content. This aggregated content can be pulled in from a large number of resources and this aggregation process can be set to automatically update to ensure current information and content. The internet content that is gathered can be made accurate and precise with the help of filters, user defined rules and manual inclusion/exclusion. This curated content can then be shared with other users and subscribers in the form of dynamic streams of content. My Syndicaat offers free of charge usage for personal and noncommercial users. This free usage has some limitations when compared with paid usage. MySyndicaat is a service developed and owned by Kipcast corp.

Top 95 Content Curation Tools List (36 – 50)

36. TrapIt

TrapIt is a personalized search service that aims to take search services to newer levels, providing a larger resource of content that is customized to suit a specific user’s interests. The more TrapIt is used and search results “liked”, the more efficient it becomes in delivering refined, relevant and interesting results that are specially tailored for a specific user. The results that this search engine curates and puts before you are more personal as they are also based on information that TrapIt gets from your Facebook or Twitter account. Gary Griffiths and Hank Nothhaft Jr. are co-founders of TrapIt. The service is currently running in a beta version and is open for everyone to try.

Top 95 Content Curation Tools List (21 – 35 )

21. Percolate

Percolate is a social media tool that can help users bring the most relevant and useful information from their social media sites to the forefront. Percolate also helps different brands to create social content for their audiences. The Percolate team helps its clients (different brands) to create their own unique social profile and deliver interesting and timely content to their audience. By doing this, Percolate ultimately creates the voice of the brand. Percolate was founded by Noah Brier and James Gross. Different services offered by Percolate have different price ranges.

Top 95 Content Curation Tools List

Creating new content all the time can be a big drain of effort. Often times, promoting and sharing great ideas and high-quality branded content from other content creators can have the same impact as your own ideas. However, while doing this you want to make sure you curate the right way, giving proper attribution and not just copying but delivering the content with real value addition. Content curation tools help you do this and more. They help in recognizing, gathering and sharing content with your audience with minimum effort and great accessibility.