Professional Resume Writers: Why You Need One & How to Choose The Right One

Did you know that on average, employers receive 250 resumes for a single job posting? Of these, only 4-6 applicants are shortlisted for an interview.

The competition for jobs is very high these days. Applicants have just 6.25 seconds to make a mark on their potential employers – because that’s how long an employer will dedicate to a single resume. Failing to capture an employer’s attention within this time can quite literally bring an applicant’s professional journey with that company to an end.

These statistics highlight the importance of a premium-quality resume.

Unfortunately, most applicants don’t know how to write a “good” resume. But this can be fixed. Today, you can avail the services of professional resume writers, who have extensive knowledge about global hiring trends and who have amazing writing chops to boot. They can draft a brilliant and super-effective resume in no time, helping you get a step closer to your dream job.

Five signs that you need the services of a specialised resume writer

Wondering if you should consider hiring the services of a professional resume writer? Here are five instances when you definitely should:

  • Your language isn’t that great

Not everyone is a wordsmith, and generally, that’s okay. But when applying for a job, it’s important to make sure that your written language is legible and professional.

Studies show that 59% of all recruiters reject a candidate because of spelling and grammar errors in their resume. This can be avoided by hiring the services of a skilled resume writer, who lives and breathes language.

The best part? These days, you have many professional resume writers who offer resume writing services in regional languages, or who can translate your resume into another language. This allows applicants to tremendously widen their job search net.

  • You don’t know what to include in your resume

The sad reality is that most job applicants have no clue about what employers look for when they peruse resumes.

Research shows that 38% of recruiters actively look for references in an applicant’s resume, 55% value the applicant’s previous job history, 31% care acutely about the hire quality (that is, the applicant’s KSAs) and 26% of recruiters and 49% of HR managers value the presence of a top-quality cover letter.

An experienced resume writer will be aware of these requirements, and he/she will ensure that your resume contains all the details you need to be successful in your job search.

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  • Your resume doesn’t contain what recruiters are looking for

Most recruiters today use some form of resume tracking software to find relevant applicants. These types of software use a combination of keywords and search phrases to zero-in on applicants.

Any applicant, whose resume is devoid of these specific keywords, will be automatically filtered out during the sourcing stage. You can miss out on a lot of job opportunities by writing a poor-quality resume that doesn’t meet recruiters’ search criteria.

This is where an experienced resume writer can help. They are adept at resume SEO, and they can optimise your resume for success.

  • You don’t know how to market yourself the right way

Have you heard about the very important and immensely helpful writing style called the “humblebrag?” This is where you brag about yourself, but in a very subtle manner, without sounding too proud. This writing technique is especially brilliant when you wish to bring the employer’s attention to your best achievements and strongest skills.

Many applicants don’t know how to harness the power of humblebrag. Skilled resume writers, on the other hand, are adept at humblebragging, and their expertise will be a great value-add to you.

  • Your resume is riddled with challenges

The sad reality is that most employers do care about the gaps in your employment and the changes in the industry, irrespective of whether these events have any impact on your quality of work or not.

Not being able to justify these discrepancies can affect your chances of getting hired.

An experienced resume writer can modify your resume to highlight your strengths without shining light on these problems and most importantly, do so without misrepresenting or lying about you.

Now, isn’t that great?

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Five tips for choosing a qualified resume writer

So, now that you know why you need to choose a resume writer, let’s look at how you should make the final selection of a service provider:

  • Search for reputed resume writers online

These days, you can find any service provider online. Just look for reviews in consumer forums or search on social media. You can even ask your friends and family to recommend an experienced resume writing company to you.

  • Consider their legacy in resume building

The most important thing to consider when hiring a resume writing service is to check if they have sufficient experience in the field or not. A good resume writing service will have years of expertise in the domain and will have the services of a talented group of writers at their disposal.

  • Ask for a sample

A resume sample is a great way to judge the quality of work a service provider can offer. A specialised resume writing company offer top-notch resume design and graphics services in addition to resume writing.

  • Take a look at their data collection forms

A lengthy ‘collection data form’ can put anyone off. But a good resume writing service provider knows that clients need a quick and easy-to-fill data form.

Study the data collection forms of your shortlisted service provider and then make a decision.

  • Understand what extra value they can bring to the table

There are many resume writing companies in the world that you can choose from. But a professional company doesn’t stop at providing superior-quality content; they also offer other benefits like unlimited free revisions and massive new order discounts. These can add immense value to applicants (for instance, fresh graduates), who are operating on a tight budget and who need pocket-friendly resume writing services.

Godot Media has extensive experience providing resume writing services to applicants from around the world. Contact us today and benefit from our years of expertise.

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