Part III – The Final Segment of e-Commerce Website Mistakes to Avoid

The last and final part to the e-commerce website mistakes to avoid Part I and Part II talks of 2 more issues that need to be looked at –

Browser compatibility issues

Long gone are the days when people used to be dependent only on Internet Explorer for online browsing. Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera are also widely used now. You should ensure that the site is compatible with different browsers. Also, look at the performance with each of the browser. You may lose customers even if your site functions properly with Opera but not with Chrome.

Too many irrelevant offers

It is common for e-commerce sites to provide offers to customers which are relevant to the product they buy. However, sometimes these offers can be quite irritating and aren’t written well. For instance, sites may promote beds if you made recent purchase of pillows. However, people do not purchase beds frequently and repeated offers on such products can turn the customer away from your site. Get a professional copywriting service to help you out on this front.

Whenever you create an e-commerce site, try to keep things as simple as possible. Simple design, easy navigation system, and user friendly payment system can go a long way in elevating the conversion rate.