The Key to a Successful Content Strategy: Knowing What the Target Audience Wants

Recipes for online marketing success change at a quick pace, but the fact that content is the king remains constant. If you wish to generate significant ROI from content marketing, you need to take content seriously. According to HCC Medical Insurance Services marketing director Muhammad Yasin, the secret of successful content strategy lies in basing decisions on reliable data about what the target audience wants rather than what you want.

To attract target audience for the company’s newly launched adventure sports coverage component of Atlas Travel Insurance, Yasin decided to use an infographic. The content to be included in the infographic was finalized through brainstorming sessions that included SEO copywriters and viral media team members apart from the company’s marketing team. As per the content plan, the infographic was to be divided into 3 sections – adventure travel packing tips, recommended destinations and an interactive quiz. By taking up the fun quiz users could win a reward badge and shared it immediately over popular social channels.

To ensure that the content of the infographic reflected the wants of the target audience, inputs were gathered from extreme sports enthusiast with a significant social presence and adventure travel bloggers. Before the release of the infographic, teaser pieces were released as a part of a drip campaign on a Facebook fan page. It attracted over 10,000 Facebook users.

The infograophic was simultaneously released through several media outlets like the Inquirer, CNN Travel, USA Today and Fox News Travel. It helped the website attract the highest amount of unique visitor traffic in its history. Moreover, new visitors accounted for 97% traffic. The success story proves that regardless of the type of content, you need to know what the target demographic wants to succeed.