Is Audio The New Kid On The Block?

As content marketing strategies pick up speed, new content marketing tools like podcasts are being discovered as ways of getting the point across in marketing campaigns. Marketers are starting to realize that there is a lot more that can be done to promote brands other than using written content.

During the Golden Age of Radio, people sat glued to the radio and listened to news bulletins, commercials, drama and more with a lot of interest. We are seeing the same trend with the increase in the number of people who regularly tune in to listen to podcasts. Now that a lot of marketing campaigns have shifted to the world wide web, audio is yet again grabbing the top position as a marketing tool.

The reason many content marketers are choosing to promote their brand through audio podcasts is because they want to set themselves apart from the crowd. The internet is full of written content, and readers get tired of reading webpage after webpage of content. With audio podcasts, the audience turns into listeners, and they get the opportunity to bond with the real person behind the podcast, which makes the experience more engaging. Providing consumers with an engaging experience can eventually lead to a relationship of trust and loyalty.

Instead of using traditional marketing, which has gone somewhat stale, marketers need to develop campaings that are fresh and unique. A well-constructed podcast can breathe life into a brand, without sounding too pushy and promotional. With podcasts, marketers can turn the consumer-to-brand conversation into something more personal. However, the podcast has to be interesting and informative at the same time. Experienced podcasters know that a podcast which is longer is than 16 minutes will not be able to hold the listener’s attention and that is the amount of time a marketer will have to speak about the brand and promote it in a subtle way.

The best way to start creating podcasts for your campaign is to dive into the process fearlessly. If needed, get an experienced podcaster to help with the structure of the broadcast. Make the podcast a panel discussion or a one-on-one interview with one of the brand executives. Regardless of their structure, podcasts have a lot of hidden potential and as is evident, they are gradually opening up new avenues in the world of content marketing strategy.