Finding the Right Copywriter in San Francisco for Your Business

San Francisco is not only the heart of liberalism and progressiveness in the United States but it is also one of the nation’s largest economic zones. Tourism is still a major contributor to the city’s economy but it is now fast becoming a technology hub too. Innovative and beloved companies like Craigslist, Zynga, Twitter, and the Wikimedia Foundation all have their headquarters or head offices in San Francisco. The city has also become a hub for start-ups and small businesses with over 80% of the firms in the city being small businesses with less than 10 employees.

Content marketing is the prime mode of advertising and marketing for small businesses. This is why copywriting and the need for good copywriters and copywriting firms in San Francisco are budding. The city is the center of youthful cool and creativity and a copywriter in San Francisco should also embody that spirit.

If you have a growing company in San Francisco looking for copywriters, here are some pointers.

Look out for web-savvy copywriters

Being good with words is no longer the only criteria for copywriters. A copywriter in San Francisco needs to be tech-savvy and must love using the Internet. Most marketing efforts these days focus on online platforms and methods and your copywriters should be able to create copies that work well across all platforms for effective marketing. Without being web savvy, a copywriter will not be able to deliver the kind of results that you are looking for to stand out in the crowd in San Francisco. When you are interviewing copywriters, make sure to check out the copies that they have created for online marketing campaigns.

Keep an eye out for mistakes

Looking for copywriting services usa but flooded with so many applicants that you are finding it hard to pick the right one? You can easily weed out the bad ones by looking at their emails. Copywriters should not be making grammatical mistakes and errors in spelling. Moreover, when you are reading through emails you will find that some copywriters have used redundant sentence structures and phrases that just don’t work anymore. Email the rest of the applicants back and comb through their email communication too to further shorten the list. Next, when you start communicating with candidates verbally, reject the ones that are unable to communicate well.

Stick to professional companies

It is hard to gauge how well a freelance copywriter is going to be and even the good ones may not be the right fit for your brand. Moreover, you may not even know how to select the right copywriter. This is where professional content writing or copywriting firms are the best choices. They already have many copywriters working for them that have been carefully selected and have proven their mettle in various fields. Such professional companies will also be able to figure out exactly what your brand needs and allocate the work to the right copywriters working for them. Ask your peers about which firms you should be working with and most copywriting agencies even put up their work and testimonials on their website.