Create Eye-Catching YouTube Channel Pages

People are clamoring for more visual content and what can be better than creating videos for fans, followers and potential customers. Videos also have more potential to go viral than textual content and are much more share-worthy and attention-grabbing. YouTube is probably the best place to publish your videos. There are millions of channels on YouTube and standing out from the rest can be difficult. The easiest way to give your YouTube channel an edge is to redesign your channel page. Here’s how:

Channel name and description

The channel name and description not only appears on the homepage but also in search results conducted on YouTube. They also appear in search results on major search engines like Google, so they have to be excellent. You need to ensure that the channel name is appealing so that people want to click on it. The channel name also needs to be informative and hint at the kind of content people will find on your channel. Similarly, the channel description should also be to the point and mention your best videos. The channel URL and channel name are not the same and the name can be changed without affecting the URL.


Unlike Facebook or Twitter, there isn’t too much space for channel icons or images on YouTube. The picture that you chose should be of good quality. It is best to use a company logo or something simple and bold as the channel icon.

Publish a channel trailer

Just like a movie trailer, a channel trailer can pique the interest of people and is a great way to inform viewers about your page. Instead of writing long descriptions about your page, why not create a catchy video to show people what your channel and brand is all about. With the help of video trailers, you can also ask viewers to subscribe to your channel subtly.

Publish videos frequently

Videos are much harder to create than textual content but your YouTube channel needs to be updated with fresh content frequently. Subscribers and followers can only be kept entertained with new videos and they will want to come back and engage with your YouTube page regularly if they are expecting new videos. You should also engage with other YouTube channels and videos and share videos from other sources.

Stunning channel art

The background of your YouTube channel is a great place to display stunning images you can hire excellent graphic designers to create unique backgrounds for your channel. Companies make the mistake of using the company logo as the channel art but this can be boring. You need to make sure that your YouTube banner looks good in large resolutions so that they don’t look blurry. The artwork should also look good on all browsers – desktop and mobile.

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