Amazing stats on Content Marketing

Content marketing is becoming immensely popular as a tool to spread awareness about a business. Its popularity has risen tremendously over a very short period of time. Most organizations are now ready to spend huge amounts of money on content marketing tools.

This has occurred mainly because of the increasing influence of social media on consumer behavior. It is estimated that these social media sites account for nearly one fourth of the time spent on the internet by a person. This is also where a large chunk of content sharing happens.

Marketers, especially in the B2B sector, have made full use of this phenomenon and even the B2C marketers are steadily increasing their content marketing budgets.

It has also been found that people view articles that contain images much more than those that don’t. This is one aspect that marketers should consider when adopting content marketing. Publishing blogs on company websites also helps attract greater web traffic.

A large percentage of customers find custom content very useful, and 90 per cent of businesses now use content marketing as a significant part of their marketing efforts. The following video on content marketing stats shows how important content marketing is for any business.

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