You Can Send Status Updates Even After Your Death!

Due to the immense popularity of social networks and the number of hours that most people spend on these social networks, our lives are now being recorded on the Internet. The current generation is special because it has created so much data that is being archived online. The only way to store information in previous generations was through pictures, journals and personal diaries. With all of us detailing our lives on social media platforms, can we send updates even after we are long gone? Can social media be used as a platform to send everyone your last message? In this video, Adam Ostrow – Chief Strategy Officer of Mashable, talks about the information age and how people are already using various applications to leave messages to loved ones once they die.

The Growth of Twitter

By latest estimates, Twitter has over 640 accounts and sees around 400 millions tweets per day ranging from important updates to silly tweets. One of the reasons Twitter became so popular is because people could use this platform to obtain real time information in small, easy-digestible chunks. However, when twitter was first launched the founders never dreamed that Twitter could have so many uses. In this video, Evan Williams – the co-founder of Twitter, talks about the beginnings and evolution of Twitter and how his hunches have proven so successful.

Modern-Day Tribes and Their Leaders

Seth Godin, famed entrepreneur and public speaker, answers this question – What do we do every day? According to Seth, individuals try to change things in their lives. Regardless of the fact that every person is different, most of us try to change something that bothers us or we think needs to be changed. We try to take necessary steps towards a permanent change. As Seth says, this fact has not been acknowledged and has gone unnoticed.

The Search Option – How it All Began and What’s Next

We can upload and search for information so easily on the internet that we barely take the time to stop and think how search engines have changed the world. Do you remember a time when you had to go to the public library if you wanted to know something? Knowledge and information can be found at the click of the button. We can even access information on websites through cell phones. Never before have we been so connected.

Are People Moving Away From Search Engines?

This might be hard to believe, but according to recent reports published by Experian – the number of people using search engines is declining. Astonishingly, the trend seen in recent months is the first time that search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo!, etc. have not reported phenomenal growth in their user bases.