How to Ensure That Google Knows Your Content is Original

In a perfect world, no one would rip off the content from your website and use it on theirs and Google would be perfectly aware about who the original author of the content is. Creating original content is a major struggle for most companies and content creators. Some people even take the easy route and copy content from other sources. Although Google is now coming down severely on low-quality websites, it is quite hard for Google search algorithms to figure out who is the original author of any piece of content and which are the websites that copied the content.

Mind Your Language in Online Content to Improve Site Quality

Have you ever wondered if spelling and grammar are considered by Google algorithms while assessing the quality of a page and assigning rankings to that page? Well, Matt Cutts – the beloved head of the Google Webspam team, clears up any doubts that you may have about spelling and grammar in online content in this video. He also makes the case for good grammar and spelling in online content because people will come back to a site that has good grammar and spelling as the site looks more reputable.

Does Freshness improve web rankings?

You may have heard that the Google search engine favors web pages that are updated regularly. So is it true that the search engine giant increases the search result rankings of pages that have “fresh” content? Company pages do not need updated content and there are some topics on which people cannot create new content without repeating old information. Matt Cutts, head of Google’s Webspam team, explains why you should not worry about the freshness factor and how this factor only affects the ranking only for some queries.