How to Write Content to Get More Social Media Shares

As an online writer, you expect to write and publish your article and receive praise, accolades and lots of shares in a jiffy. However, this happens very rarely and you probably spiral into depression when you see that no one has read, shared or commented on your article? Does this mean that you are a bad writer? Is your grasp over language so poor that people are ignoring your articles? The answer to these questions is most probably no. It’s just that you need to structure your articles better.

Blog Topics Businesses Must Avoid at All Costs!

Blogs help businesses attract more web traffic and establish companies or employees as thought leaders or experts in their field. But most business bloggers get too caught up in promoting their companies and products, forgetting that their audience wants more than just promotion from the blog! The rush to produce a large volume of content for blogs also sometimes pushes content writers to churn out poorly written blog posts on irrelevant topics.

Grammar Habits that Every Writer Must Possess!

Every profession requires the person to know basic skills related to that profession. A baker needs to know how to bake and a musician needs to know how to play an instrument. Similarly, a writer needs to have basic grammar skills to be successful. However, the internet and the phenomenon of self-publishing have made it easy for anyone to write anything and publish it on the web. Many online writers ignore grammar and punctuation rules and even make up their own spellings.