Compare quotes from multiple electric and natural gas suppliers. Save as much as 55% on your next utility bill!

The US energy market is a highly competitive one. The choice of energy suppliers, especially in deregulated American states, is quite wide. This adds to the complexity and often, confusion, of narrowing your search down to one provider. BGL makes energy procurement easy and hassle-free. 60% of utility purchase deals in deregulated states are finalized through brokers and consultants, which is just a reflection of how important it is to hire a reliable broker for your energy purchase.

Comparing different offers, choosing suppliers and managing risk is simple with a good brokerage service. BGL is just the energy broker you need to assist you in natural gas, electricity and green energy procurement. As a leader in this field, BGL has been offering professional and unbiased brokerage since 1995. Our energy procurement and risk management solutions have helped our business customers meet their utility requirements successfully and cost-effectively.

When you choose BGL as your energy broker, you get a dedicated account manager who:

There are many other advantages of partnering with BGL:

Free rate analysis

We help you understand energy offers, clarifying jargons and presenting a clear picture. We explain the benefits of different rate plans to offer you clarity about your energy procurement. With our rate analysis, you don’t have to resort to guess-work or incomplete assessment when you make your energy purchase. This service is free and we are committed to helping you find the best rates.

Savings up to 55%

BGL understands how important it is for businesses big and small, to remain cost competitive. We assist you in your mission to cut down on utility costs. We work with multiple suppliers to offer you favorable quotes. By switching to our partner supplier offering low rates, you can realize savings to the tune of 55%.

Green energy solutions

Renewable energy makes for an eco-friendly and feel-good purchase. It is also an image booster that shows your company in positive light. With BGL, you get green energy solutions that are also costeffective. We get you the best rates and help you meet your energy requirements in a reliable and
affordable manner.

Complete energy management

Managing and reducing your utility expense is a full-time job. With a dedicated account manager managing your complete energy portfolio, you can sit back and relax. Besides leveraging multiple locations and your usage to find the lowest rate in the market, we also think ahead, ensuring you always stay in contract. We monitor contract cycles, forecast pricing and help you get the most favorable rate on your future contract.

Best rates available

In a deregulated energy market, you can lower your costs significantly if you make the right purchase decisions. BGL helps you achieve this, offering winning solutions that keep your energy costs low. Our partnerships with multiple suppliers in different markets, insightful pricing forecasts, and complete energy management enable us to offer you the most favorable rates on all your future contracts.

We follow high ethical standards and always keep the best interests of our customers in mind. We charge all our partner suppliers the same, so there is no question of broker bias. Our aim is to help you get the best available rates and meet your utility needs successfully.