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About Us

ABC is your destination for everything green and stylish. A store offering a wide variety of green products, ABC goes beyond just selling green products. We donate 1% of our sales to the cause of a greener planet. We are also a member of the Plastic Pollution Coalition and contribute to the Carbon Fund. ABC is fun, innovative and uber cool! We don’t believe buying green has to be boring or dull, and offer eco friendly products that are innovative, good looking and fun to use. Our collection epitomizes what we stand for – Stay Green Stay Stylish – that’s ABC for you.

What We Offer?

Simply put – style, sustainability, health and the opportunity of giving back. Our green products and your eco shopping experience with us are all aligned to these 4 basic mantras of a green and happy life. The products offered in our store are elegantly designed, functional and most importantly environment friendly. Green life means a healthy life and is the only sustainable way of giving our children and generations to come, a future that is bright and full of good things.

We don’t just sell exciting, useful and fun eco green products, but also take the green movement to the next level. ABC believes that educated consumers are better consumers, and shares lots of interesting and useful information about the products to let you make informed decisions. Through our social media presence and website, we also try to raise awareness about our environment and share ideas on sustainable living. Small lifestyle changes, better choices and a greener footprint are all we need to lead a happier and more content life.

ABC is about making the right choices, but with style! Check out our stuff and you’ll know what we are talking about.

Our Contribution to the Planet

Giving is a way of life at ABC. We donate 1% of our sales to the cause of making this planet greener and more sustainable (we are a member of 1% FTP – to find out more, visit www.onepercentfortheplanet.org). What’s more, we prefer selling products of companies, who are also members of the 1% FTP network or are contributing to some other green causes. This way almost 2% of our sales are channeled towards saving the planet. So help us to help you give! Adopt the green life and invest in our stylish environment friendly products.

Buy green products from ABC today and make a lifestyle change for a better tomorrow!