Who We Are

1CCC Consult is a leading global consultancy offering cutting edge solutions for highly complex engineering, procurement and construction projects. We work alongside our clients in remote and challenging locations across the globe, delivering real solutions focused at maximizing returns from complex projects.

Experience, knowledge, expertise and most importantly project and client focus are the qualities that set us apart from other consultancies. We offer world class project management services to local as well as international clients. Armed with domain qualifications and expertise in areas like oil, gas, chemical, power, manufacturing, processing and industrial infrastructure, our consultants quickly understand and assess the situation, and come up with sustainable, practical and integrated solutions.

We strive to deliver the highest possible value to our clients through quality services and innovative strategies. Headquartered in London, we are a team of highly experienced and creative consultants. Even when faced with challenges, we come up with the most elegant and efficient solutions. Our consultants are recognized industry leaders and partnering with us will allow you to take advantage of their extensive experience and knowledge.

We believe in developing long-term relationships with our clients by offering the best possible solutions. Along with the know-how, we also possess the unique ability of combining all the expertise and knowledge to develop customized, focused solutions for your company. Tailored and targeted solutions for your specific needs allow you to get optimum value from your projects and investments. In any project, the maximization of value and sustenance remains our main focus.

Some of the benefits of our project management services include faster start-ups, lower capital costs and higher profits. Meticulous project management and careful execution methodologies help us minimize risks and ensure success.

Why CCC Consult


Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC)

2Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) Engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) projects are executed on predetermined schedules and fixed budgets. Failure to meet the project performance guarantees can result in heavy damages for all parties involved. This means less profit and more cost. Apart from handling the project, managing the costs and schedule to ensure timely project completion within the budget can be an overwhelming task. Comprehensive EPC solutions offered by CCC Consult can make project execution much simpler and cost effective.

CCC Consult has successfully completed a number of highly complex EPC projects under some of the most demanding conditions in challenging and remote locations. Regardless of the size of your business and the level of project difficulty, with CCC Consult you can be sure of receiving world-class services.

Whether you are dealing with a highly complex project or a straight forward one, our solutions can ensure its successful completion in the most efficient manner. Whether it is a government project or a commercial initiative, we provide customized solutions for every business.


Oil & Gas

3Oil and gas is a highly sophisticated and complex industry. It is one of the major contributors to global economic development. Organizations operating in this sector face a number of challenges. CCC Consult specializes in oil and gas consultancy and has worked with several leading companies in the sector to deliver real, measurable results.

Our consultants are highly qualified and experts in oil, gas, chemical, power, manufacturing, processing and industrial infrastructure. Expertise and the ability to think out of the box enable us successfully execute even the most challenging projects.

Our focus is to provide integrated services that cover the downstream as well as upstream areas of the oil and gas industry. CCC Consult has had the opportunity of working with a number of esteemed clients and has successfully carried out projects in a number of countries across the world.

Our experience in conducting market studies at different locations, evaluating the results, conducting feasibility studies and offering technical support can be a valuable asset for the success of your project.


Project Logistics

4Supply chain management and logistics is one of our key areas of expertise. Whether you want to transfer some goods or need to move your entire facility to a new location, our team can manage the project logistics from start to end. Our consultants are highly experienced and capable of managing specialized projects of any scale. We specialize and offer solutions in areas like sales and operations planning, collaborative planning, demand management, inventory management, production planning, scheduling and distribution.

We ensure that your projects are planned and completed precisely as specified and on time. Our services are focused on activities dealing with the coordination of the flow of physical commodities as well as information. They cover all the activities right from the sourcing of raw material to the delivery of finished products to customers.

CCC Consult delivers strategic business solutions that enable clients to collect, process and share information across their extended supply chain. Knowledge of the industry and well-established relationships are essential for ensuring that your goods are delivered at desired location on time and CCC Consult brings both these to the table. Our consultants are dedicated to offering the best and the most economical solutions to our clients. The unique combination of experience and innovation enables us to deliver real impact on your bottom line.


Asset & Contract Management

5CCC Consult offers its clients comprehensive asset and contract management services. The aim of asset management is to maximize asset availability by enhancing equipment life, streamlining work practices, minimizing lifecycle costs of physical assets, increasing labour productivity and reducing unplanned breakdowns. All these help you in maximizing your revenue and reducing the cost of operations. At CCC Consult, we offer you innovative solutions to get the maximum out of your assets.

Apart from the management of assets, we also offer other related consultancy services. Our integrated production modelling optimization studies can offer a better understanding of the highly complicated interactions between various components of your operations and help eliminate redundancies. CCC Consult’s energy efficiency studies highlight areas in which energy conservation is possible assisting you in saving on energy cost. In addition, we also conduct environmental impact assessment to help you ensure sustainability and fulfil your corporate responsibility.

Our consultants have seen through a number of highly challenging asset decommissioning and abandonment projects. Such projects are a specialized activity requiring sophisticated technology and meticulous planning in order to control costs, preserve company reputation, ensure worksite safety and protect environment. We are experts in the area and can help you meet all these objectives of successful decommissioning of assets.


Project and Program Management

6Successful completion of a project is a balancing act, which includes things like keeping track of the schedule, costs and process optimization, apart from the actual project execution. Performing this balancing act successfully can be huge challenge, particularly when handling large and complex projects. We can ensure that all your programs and projects, regardless of the size and complexity, meet the deadlines and keep well within the budget.

CCC Consult’s expert project management services can help your company enhance the project performance and reach its maximum potential. Keep your programs on track by seeking expert advice from CCC Consult on the budget lines, timelines and more.

The biggest benefit of partnering with CCC Consult is a tailored project and program management approach to deliver your objectives. This takes our solutions beyond established project management methodologies. Keeping your specific objectives in mind, we will work with you to develop customized solutions to suit your requirements perfectly.

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