P698A BB Airsoft Gun With Laser Dot & Spare Magazine

The P698A BB Airsoft Gun with Laser Dot sight offers you the best of both worlds – superior performance and an unbelievable price. It is one of the best spring Airsoft guns we feature in this style, and it is extremely popular with both beginners and experts alike. Buy now at this amazing price while stocks last…This gun also fires 6mm paintballs available from the above drop down lists which also feature ‘sticky’ BB gun targets, Airsoft ammo and protective Airsoft eyewear etc. You will receive 1000 different FREE printable targets with this gun, and don’t forget, we are currently throwing in a FREE P698 handgun worth £12.99 with all orders over a certain amount in line with the ‘FREE HANDGUN’ banner on our homepage. A solid and robust gun at a remarkable price ! Happy shooting!

Solid Design and Good Finish

The P698A has clean lines with a blue two tone color complementing its overall look. It is manufactured from toughened ABS anti-shock plastic. Even after years of use and shooting thousands of BBs, this cheap Airsoft gun operates as good as new.

Red Laser Dot Sight

The P698A’s laser dot sight helps you locate, aim and shoot your target quickly and easily. Great for lightning fast responses and accurate hits that boost your chances of winning Airsoft battles. It is very practical as well, flicking on and off with the simple touch of a button.

Removable Silencer

The silencer on the P698A Airsoft gun adds to its overall length and lends a ‘stealth weapon’ look befitting a secret agent. Add a dash of style to your backyard games with the removable silencer of this BB gun.

Spare Second Magazine

This gun also comes with a spare second magazine, so when you are out of rounds mid-battle, the empty mag can be dropped out of the gun and onto the floor at the simple push of a button so the second can be quickly inserted, loaded up and ready to fire – Have the edge on your opponent!!!

Simple Operation

The P698A BB gun is user-friendly and even novices can feel at ease shooting with this model in no time. This cheap BB gun has a thoughtful design that allows comfortable hand positioning and quick aims. The gun comprises of two springs – one that loads the BBs and one that helps moves the cocking slide back and forward. It delivers top-notch performance, launching BBs with great velocity and remarkable accuracy. Its range is approximately 25 meters and velocity is around 150 FPS. The P698A’s laser dot sight gives games an authentic feel and takes combat to a whole new level.


The P698A’s proven design assures reliable and safe operation for users of all ages of this BB gun. Protective eye equipment is offered as an accessory with this cheap Airsoft gun. The available options include glasses and full-face masks.


The accessories on offer with the P698A Airsoft gun are:

BB ammo



Sticky targets



Weight: Medium weight

Action: Single shot

Range: Approx 25 meters

Power: Approx 150 FPS

Accuracy: Very Good

Size: 13.5 Inches


Laser Dot Sight

Spare Magazine for Fast Reloading

Robust Design

Removable Silencer

Great Finish

Compatibility with Safety Accessories

Note – eye protection and ammo are highly recommended with this airsoft / BB gun