Twitter Becomes More Mobile-Friendly with New Upgrades!

Twitter has just launched three updated features that are focused on content discovery via mobile devices. These updates ensure that mobile users will find one single stream of content in each tab, making it easier to find and engage with content on Twitter. Twitter officially announced these changes to and other changes to Android and iOS apps on their blog on 6th February, 2013. The updated tabs are called Search, Connect and Discover. So now, users logging into Twitter via their mobile devices will be able to search and view more information easily and quickly from all of these tabs.

Discover tab

This feature is similar to the web search update that Twitter launched a while back. This tab will show users Activity, Trends, Tweets and what accounts to follow in one stream. This tab appears on iPhone and Android apps. By clicking on the “View all trends” and “View all activity” buttons, one can look further into Trends and Activity respectively.

Search tab

This tab allows users to get relevant search results that are a combination of relevant photos, tweets and Twitter accounts. Similar to the Discover feature, all results appear in one stream and the search screen is much more attractive as more emphasis has been placed on visual content. The search button, which was already present in the Android app, has now been added to the iOS app. The button looks like a magnifying glass that is present in every page of the app allowing users to search from anywhere in the app.

Connect tab

Users can expect more information in the Connect Tab as this tab now shows retweets, mentions and new followers. The default view of the Connect Tab now is Interactions. Users can go back to the old Connect Tab default view by selecting to see “Mentions only”.


Before these changes, users had to click twice to go to the website of the link mentioned in a tweet. The first click would expand the Tweet and the second click would take the user to the website. Now this takes only one click.