Long-Awaited Twitter Ads API is Here!

Twitter is now looking to expand its ad revenues with the launch of its highly anticipated Ads API. This API now lets advertisers create rich and visually appealing ads that can be uploaded easily on Twitter. Facebook is seen as the friendlier social media platform for advertisers as it offers various tools and features to marketers and advertisers. Looking at the success Facebook has tasted by being friendlier towards advertisers, Twitter aims to recreate similar successes with its latest Ads API. This advertising platform was launched on 20th February, 2013 and has received enthusiastic response from online marketing experts.

Twitter wants better ads on its platform

Twitter had launched a rudimentary platform for advertisers in 2010, but this ads API had very few features and advertisers had to painstakingly upload ads one at a time. Although this original API was pretty basic, Twitter managed to earn ad revenues amounting to $259 million in 2012. More importantly according to the official blog, Twitter users seemed to like the ads on the website and this prompted the social media giant to release a new and improved advertising API. As per the official statement on the Twitter blog, the new advertising API will ensure that there are better ads and not more ads on the platform.

According to the official launch announcement, the company decided to launch the new API after it received positive reviews from users about existing ads and the promoted tweets feature. With this advertising API, marketers and advertisers can expect easier ad campaign management and advertisers can target Twitter users across desktop and mobile platforms. The social media giant has also partnered with various companies so that their products integrate seamlessly with the ads platform giving advertisers more options to manage Twitter ad campaigns efficiently.

Twitter advertising API partners

The company has been testing its Ads API since January of this year with a wide range on companies and has also announced the names of these partners. They are – SHIFT, Adobe, TBG Digital, Salesforce and HootSuite. These partners have built upon the ads platform and have already started offering advertising features to selected clients. the official announcement also states that the micro-blogging platform is looking to add more partners and interested companies are welcome to apply.

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