Top 99 Social Media Marketing Blogs List (81 – 99)

81. Top Dog Social Media

Top Dog Social Media is one of the few companies that are on the forefront of social media marketing. It focuses on building relationships with the help of technology and helps other companies uncover the true potential of social media in the success of a business. Top Dog Social Media was founded by Melonie Dodaro, an expert social media strategist. She has spoken on numerous forums and has even published her work in several social media journals.

82. Social Media Today

Social Media Today is an online community for people in the fields of advertising, marketing, PR, and other areas where a thorough understanding of social media is required. The company provides useful content on the various platforms, personalities, and tools that have revolutionized the way information is being processed. This content primarily aims to give an insight on social media and how it affects the growth of businesses.

83. Maximize Social Business

Maximize Social Business is an organization that helps businesses grow with the use of social media by cultivating relationships, engaging their stakeholders, supporting customers, and fostering brand awareness. The company was founded by Neal Schaffer, who started off the organization as a community blog and slowly turned it into a business that offers unique insights into what can be achieved through social media usage. The blog-post is now maintained and managed by a number of expert in-house writers.

84. MarketingXLerator

Marketing Xlerator is a company that provides its clients with the right social media and marketing strategies to help them connect with people more efficiently. It ensures that its clients use social media tools effectively to achieve their business goals. Marketing Xlerator was founded by Natascha Thomson, who has extensive experience in the field of B2B marketing. She also maintains a blog that covers a vast range of topics related to the latest developments in social media.

85. Social Media Revolver

Social Media Revolver is a social media marketing blog for several small business owners and entrepreneurs, and covers all the latest news and tips from Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and many other major social networking sites. It has its own extensive set of blogs as well as infographics. Using these tools, the company can efficiently connect with its customers and increase their sales and lead generation.

86. J Campbell Social Marketing

J Campbell Social Marketing is a company that provides a multitude of services to its clients, such as, customized marketing plans, social media strategy consulting, online community management, and email marketing. The company was founded by Julia Campbell. She mainly caters to the needs of non-profit organizations and helps them find success online. She has extensive experience in giving social media training to a number of non-profit organizations.

87. White Gloves Social Media

White Glove Social Media is an establishment that helps brands and businesses increase their profits, sales, market share, and traffic by using effective businesses practices and social media marketing strategies. The company is fully aware of the current trends and techniques that drive traffic, and it focus more on its client’s core business. It has its own Pinterest-based marketing blog that covers numerous articles on Pinterest and how to take advantage of it.

88. Social Marketers

Social Marketer is an advertising agency that partners with non-profit organizations and other businesses to help them with their social media marketing strategy. It is based in Vancouver, Canada, and is owned by the Stir Communications Group of companies, which was founded by Brent Purves in 2002. It has its own blog-post maintained and written by in-house writers, which covers a variety of topics regarding the latest trends in social media that help companies create a significant impact in the online world.

89. Andrea Vahl

Andrea Vahl is a well-known social media speaker and consultant. She has a passion for helping small companies and individual business owners understand and make full use of social media to improve their business and get new clients. She has worked for over two years as a community manager for Social Media Examiner, and has co-authored a book on Facebook. She also writes blogs for a number of organizations. She has an alter-ego called Grandma Mary, who makes learning social media fun.

90. A Real Change

A Real Change was founded in 2009 by marketing expert Sandi Krakowski. She was recognized by Forbes as one of the top marketing influencers for the year 2014. Her company primarily deals with helping organizations and corporations make full use of the online world, especially social media, for their growth and brand awareness promotion. She has extensive experience in the fields of e-commerce, publishing, sales, and management, and her company has served more than a million clients all over the world.

91. Social Media Camp

Social Media Camp was a three day long conference that covered all the major issues and aspects related to social media marketing and how to take advantage of it. The camp was attended by several experts in the field of social media, as well as many business owners who wanted to learn the tricks of the trade. It also maintains its own blog-post, with Chris Burdge being the main contributor.

92. Ferree Money

Ferree Money is a company that provides SEO services to its clients to help them build a successful online business. The company was founded by Neil Ferree. He makes use of the best practices for Video, Social, Mobile, and Local SEO services. His mission is to monetize the domain of social media marketing, and he makes use of all the major SEO tools like apps, processes, and social media to enhance the marketing campaigns of his clients.

93. Social Marketing Writing

Social Marketing Writing is an online resource that provides marketing tips and other information on social media and blog writing. With this extensive knowledge, a company can clearly differentiate itself from its competition and be a stand-out performer by adopting efficient marketing practices to attract more customers. Founded by Mitt Ray, the company also provides publishing content, guides, and white papers on a regular basis on its blog.

94. Word Stream – Social Media

Word Stream is an organization that creates search marketing software and provides advertising services and online marketing advice through its blog. The company was founded in the year 2007, when it was involved in developing a keyword software tool. It helps businesses of all sizes make efficient use of the search marketing strategy.

95. One Social Media

One Social Media is a well known social media marketing company that works towards providing concrete results to individual business owners and corporations with regard to taking full advantage of the potential of social media. To achieve these results, One Social Media has a dedicated team of consultants, social strategists, and project managers. The company is based out of West Des Moines in Iowa.

96. Social Medio Polis

Social Mediopolis is an organization that aims to build a strong community of social media marketers with the main objective of sharing knowledge, career advancement tools, and experiences. The company provides its clients with services such as a free community to share thoughts and information, resources like books and study materials, interesting content through blog-posts, and educational video blogs, among others.

97. Flying Solo

Flying Solo is an organization that is home to thousands of small businesses. Based out of Sydney in Australia, it acts as a source of advice, inspiration, and information for several individual Australian business owners. In addition to helping the small business owner community in Australia, it is also involved in hosting business discussion forums, organizing events, and conducting research surveys. The company was founded by Robert Gerrish.

98. Salesforce – Social Media

Social Success is a company that helps you learn to efficiently capture the ability of social media. Using its extensive resources like guides, articles, and blog-posts, you can make sure that your business achieves the desired results and success. The company is based out of UK, and its parent organization is Sales Force, the global cloud computing giant.

99. Socially Sorted

Socially Sorted is a personal blog-post of Donna Moritz, a social media strategist based out of Queensland in Australia. Through her blogs, she helps individual business owners and corporations to use the concepts of content strategy and visual social media to their benefit and achieve the desired results in their businesses.

Top 99 Social Media Marketing Blogs List

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