Top 99 Social Media Marketing Blogs List (21 – 40)

21. Razor Social

Razor Social is an independent agency that advices companies regarding the use of social media tools and technology. Apart from advice, it also provides strong content and training for brands and businesses. Razor Social is a one stop solution for all resources related to social media. The company was founded by Ian Cleary back in 2005 with the help of business partner Colette.

22. Social Mouths

SocialMouths is a personal blog founded and maintained by Francisco Rosales. He writes the blog with the sole aim of providing free advice to companies, especially in helping brands and business to be successful online. His blogs are mostly about content marketing, social media, and email marketing, among other similar topics. He is based in Los Angeles.

23. Simple Measured

Simply Measured is a social media analytics platform that provides reports and measurement facilities to its clients. The blog-posts in the website contain a lot of articles on the latest news related to social media and also the current trends in social media networking sites. Simply Measured was founded by Adam, Aviel, and Damon in the year 2010 and is based in Seattle, Washington.

24. Meltwater Blog

MeltWater is an organization that helps in driving the growth of brands and businesses by providing essential business insights. It analyzes a number of documents on a daily basis to help innumerable companies understand their customers, competition, and their social business environment in a much better way. The company was started in Oslo back in 2001.

25. Ignite Social Media

Ignite Social Media helps brands and businesses create an innovative and specialized approach too power social media marketing. The company has provided implementation and strategy advice to a large number of clients. Some of the other services it provides are blog creation, channel monitoring, and content aggregation. Ignite Social Media’s headquarters is at Raleigh, North Carolina.

26. Mashable

Mashable is a major source of news and resources on digital innovation and how it can impact brands and businesses around the world. With a following of people running into millions, Mashable is one of the world’s most engaging online digital networks. It was founded back in 2005 and has its head office is in New York City.

27. Dan Zarrella

It is a personal blog managed and maintained by Dan Zarella. Dan is a social media scientist who has won numerous awards. He written a number of books on social media and how it can make a huge impact on the performance of brands as well as businesses. Apart from this, he also has spoken at various conferences. His blogs on social media are very engaging and can help businesses improve their presence on social media sites.

28. Social Bakers

Social Bakers is a social media analytics platform that provides global solutions to brands and businesses that help them measure, contrast as well as compare the success or failure of their social media campaigns. Social Bakers were launched in 2009 and has regularly come up with new products and serve their more than 1800 clients across the globe. Jan Rezab is the CEO of the company.

29. {Grow}

Business Grow is a social media blog owned and managed by Mark Schaefer. The blogs here meet the needs of large corporates and businesses to help them channelize their marketing needs. Business Grow also maintains its social media blog that contains useful write-ups from the world of social media and explains how it can affect the performance of a business.

30. Viral Blog

Viral Blog is a company that covers news articles and information about the latest topics trending in the world of social media. Apart from the news articles, it also cover information related to disruptive innovations and marketing. It has a large editorial team that comes up with various interesting blogs everyday. Viral Blog was founded in the year 2007. Igor Beuker,Paul van Veenendaal, Laurens Bianchi and Martin Michalík are some of its top bloggers.

31. Jeff Bullas

As a globally recognized social media marketing expert, Jeff Bullas has helped a number of brands from a range of industries develop strong as well as engaging marketing portfolios. By harnessing the tools of powerful media outlets like Twitter and Facebook, Jeff Bullas can help companies develop impressive digital content, all the while enabling them to build larger audience networks over the Internet.

With his blog, Jeff provides information on social media marketing techniques like search engine optimization, e-mail based marketing and content generation. He also offers a well-rounded social media consulting service. For companies looking to train their own social media experts, Jeff Bullas also offers informative classes, mentoring seminars and workshops.

32. Heidi Cohen

Heidi Cohen’s digital marketing services are tailored to allow companies to not only develop informative and engaging content through various social media marketing portals, but also enable them to gain valuable insight from these techniques, and understand their core audiences better. Using her own wealth of marketing experience, Heidi Cohen provides brands with a range of simplified, yet flexible marketing techniques that are able to evolve in relation to the Internet of Things.

Cohen’s practical techniques incorporate the comprehensive use of social media resources, inclusive of a step by step guide to blogging. Her blogs also extend to content generation, enabling companies to develop strategic content marketing plans. Cohen also provides mobile marketing and basic marketing services as well as tutorials via Actionable Marketing Guide.

33. Darmano

Having worked with some of the largest brands, including the likes of Adidas, Allstate, Hewlett Packard and P&G, among others, David Armano provides comprehensive marketing services that are geared towards identifying important consumer trends and behavior patterns. Using his creative insight which reflects in his blogs, businesses will be able to transform their corporate strategies into well-rounded digital marketing initiatives that are engaging as well as measurable.
Armano’s considerable marketing experience with Edelman Digital has allowed him to fine-tune his skills as a digital marketing consultant. Apart from his blog, he has also shared his written repertoire by contributing articles to The Harvard Business Review, Adweek, AdAge, Fast Company and BusinessWeek.

34. Social Media B2B is fast becoming one of the largest community-driven portals providing invaluable insight into social media trends, and their growing impact on B2B oriented companies. The blogs serve as a platform for expert advice from some of the most experienced digital marketers, in relation to B2B marketing. consists of a team of dedicated and experienced professionals. Kipp Bodnar currently holds the position of Inbound Marketing Strategist at Hubspot. The website is also co-founded by marketing expert, Jeffrey L. Cohen who has gathered over twenty years of marketing experience at a range of companies from startups all the way to Fortune 500 brands.

35. We Are Social provides an extensive range of services geared towards enabling companies to develop a solid yet evolving digital presence.

The company offers a consultancy-based service that incorporates training and mentoring programs, as well as full content design and implementation. The blogs at provide invaluable insight into social media behavior and trends that allow companies to realize the impact of their digital marketing strategies and actualize potential markets. Finally, the company also helps brands engage their target demographics by developing and disseminating meaningful content that encourage audience pools to take action. was established in 2008 and has offices in eight different locations around the world, including New York, Milan, Paris, Munich, London and Sydney. Jim Coleman is the Managing Director of the London branch.

36. Techipedia

Techipedia is a personal blog of Tamar Weinberg where she covers news topics on technology, internet, and social media. Weinberg is the author of many marketing and social media books. Her blog posts help a lot of brands and businesses in improving their marketing strategy on social media and various other platforms.

37. Social Fresh

Social Fresh is a company that provides advanced social media training resources to social marketers at different events. It also conducts its own social media conference where the world’s top social marketers meet and express their thoughts. Social Fresh was founded in 2008 by Jason Keath, an analyst and social media speaker.

38. Social Media Explorer

Social Media Explorer provides information products and resources on social marketing and digital strategy. It offers its clients unique consumer insights and helps build their businesses. It focuses more on consumer research and audience awareness at its exclusive events. The company also provides speaking and training services through its workshops.

39. Social Text

Social Text is an organization that raises the business performance of brands by helping their employees find easy solutions to the numerous challenges they may face. Social Text meets the unique security requirements of companies through its deployment model. It also provides a social software platform that helps companies efficiently integrate their traditional systems and work in a much better way.

40. Social Brite

Social Brite is a company that helps organizations and non-profits in improving the different aspects of social media marketing like community building, multimedia storytelling, strategy, fund raising, and website design, among many other services. Apart from this, it also provides organizations with a variety of articles and tutorials on handling social media.

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