Top 98 Small Business Blogs List

As an entrepreneur it is crucial that you stay informed about industry trends. Blogs can be extremely resourceful in this context, provided you follow the ones that share information-rich, original content. However, picking the right blogs to follow can be quite a daunting task, particularly if you are looking for niche communities that address specific topics. Right from financial management to communication management, good blogs can help you understand the various aspects of running a business. There are several organizations which feature blogs that are driven towards guiding businesspeople in their entrepreneurial journey. Here’s a list of the top 98 blogs that you should follow if you run a small business.

1. Small Business BC

Small Business BC is a premier knowledge-based resource center based out of Vancouver, Canada. It offers services and products that support entrepreneurs at every stage of development. Founded by Pino Bacinello, the blog offers a wealth of information to the small business community and backs it up with toll-free phone customer support.

2. Copyblogger

Copyblogger is a one-stop content marketing shop offering businesses a number of online marketing products and services. The blog teaches people how to write content that attracts web traffic, aids conversions and presents businesses as thought leaders. Copyblogger was founded by Brian Clark in 2006, who was the first to realize the potential of branded online content for effective marketing and customer engagement. It started off with a small seed funding, but now generates millions of dollars in revenue and has been ranked among the 50 most influential blogs in the world.

3. You Are The Boss – The New York Times

You Are The Boss is a blogging column owned by ‘The New York Times, and focused mainly on budding entrepreneurs. The blog helps readers in understanding the nuances of running a small business. It also serves as a forum where small business owners can share ideas, learn from each others’ mistakes and get help running their business successfully. The contributors can comment on posts written by other writers and share useful tips.

4. started off as a publication company in North America which covered news stories on entrepreneurship and tips on how aspiring entrepreneurs can start their own business. The magazine, which has monthly editions, became one of the leading publications in its category. It then created a blog covering the latest and trending topics of interest to entrepreneurs. The popular blog offers valuable information written from the perspectives of experienced writers with industry experience and subject matter expertise.

5. Inc is a leading business magazine founded by Bernie Goldhirsh in Boston. It mainly focuses on small companies which are growing at a very fast rate. On the Inc website, there are many blog posts which lay an emphasis on start-ups, money and people involved in running a successful business. It releases a new edition each month and has a strong base of loyal customers. It is one of the first companies to focus on the potential of various start-ups that were booming in the eighties and nineties.

6. CNN Money – Small Business

CNN Money – Small Business is a blogging site which started off as a magazine. The blog was started by the hit news channel CNN. It caters to the needs of small business owners and entrepreneurs who want to know how to manage their business. It offers a wealth of information on how to start and manage new ventures.


SCORE is an organization providing its readers with information about starting a business, how to become an entrepreneur and various other business related topics. It also provides education and guidance to entrepreneurs and small organizations on how to run their business effectively. The site charges a very small amount for its services, which has made them very poplar among the budding entrepreneurs in America. SCORE recently celebrated its 50th anniversary.

8. All Business

All Business is one of the few online resources purely dedicated to small businesses. It provides special tools and resources to help businesses grow and generate profits at a quick pace. On their website, they feature stories on how people have overcome various challenges to start their business. Their business library also contains a huge set of detailed how to-articles.

9. Bloomberg Businessweek – Small Business

Bloomberg Businessweek, founded in 1929, is one of the oldest business magazines headquartered in New York. The Bloomberg Businessweek Small Business is the blog-post owned by Bloomberg Businessweek. This blog contains many articles about various small businesses, how to start and run them and general news stories relating to small businesses in the United States. The blogs and articles are written by the various reporters working for Bloomberg Businessweek, who are experts in the particular field.

10. HuffPost Small Business

The Huffington Post is a major American news blog and was founded by Arianna Huffington, Jonah Peretti, Andrew Breitbart and Kenneth Lerer in 2005. Their headquarters is currently situated in New York. The blog has various news related articles that cover business, politics, environment, technology, entertainment and many more. HuffPost Small Business is their own website where news stories about small businesses in the United States are posted. In this site, independent writers can post their articles relating to small businesses.

11. CNBC

CNBC is one of the most recognized business news providers in the world, with a presence in all the continents. The head office of CNBC is located in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey. Their digital products include their website which delivers real-time financial news across various platforms. In their website, there is a web-page that caters to small businesses and consists of numerous articles and blogs on starting and running a small business. The articles are written by professional writers who work for CNBC and have in-depth knowledge about the small business sector in the United States.

12. Small Business Trends

Small Business Trends is an online publishing company headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, which serves the information needs of small business owners and entrepreneurs. The site’s experts offer insights to people on just about everything related to running a small business including the opportunities and threats. Small Business Trends was founded by Anita Campbell, who is also the company’s CEO and Publisher.

13. Google and Your Business

Google and Your Business is a blogging site with an extensive database of all kinds of articles and blogs written by people from various different professions and backgrounds. It especially caters to the needs of people who are looking to become entrepreneurs or are thinking of starting their own small business. The articles in this site help these small businessmen to market their products and services on the web and make it visible to the general public. Since most of the writers who post their thoughts on this blogging site are from the business community, it helps the readers understand what running a business means and how to become good at it.

14. Women on Business

Women on Business is an online destination for women with the sole aim of making them more powerful in terms of being business leaders. It helps women become successful by providing them with useful information from today’s business leaders. Women on Business is owned by Susan Gunelius, who is also the CEO and president of KeySplash Creative, and is also a well-known speaker and writer. Women on Business has a Businesswomen Bloggers Directory where businesswomen can submit their blogs. Women on Business has won numerous awards and has been listed in the Forbes’ top 100 sites for women.

15. Narrato Blog 

The Narrato blog has a ton of valuable resources on content marketing and copywriting. The blog primarily addresses small and medium-sized business owners, affiliate marketers and digital matketing agencies. It discusses content marketing strategy, actionable tips and also features interviews from business owners and experts.

16. Network Solutions – Small Business Success Index

The Network Solutions’ Small Business Success Index measures the success of small businesses. Some of the fundamental areas of running a business that are taken into consideration include customer service, marketing and innovation, management of finances, management of human resource and IT deployment. It helps identify how certain small businesses become successful in some of the key business activities that is vital for their survival in the long run.

17. Aweber Communications

Aweber Communications is an organization founded with the sole aim of helping small businesses grow and make them more profitable by helping them with their email marketing by simplifying the process. It focuses on building web-based softwares which has helped more than hundred thousand non-profit organizations, entrepreneurs and small businesses. The blog helps connect with many people through e-mail and newsletter campaigns. Aweber Communications was founded by Tom Kulzer in 1998, with only a handful of people, but now there are more than 100 people working under him.

18. StartupQuote

StartupQuote is a website which provides people who want to start a new business or organization with interesting quotes with which they can identify themselves. The site has the option for anyone to suggest their own quotes which they can post on the site. Having a quote is very important for any company, whether they are an established one or a start-up. It gives a brief idea to the public in general about what the company is all about and what they are good at. There are many well-known faces who have contributed their own quotes on the site like Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.

19. Planning Start-up Stories

Planning Start-up Stories is a site that contains blogs and articles consisting of pictures and videos written by Tim Berry. He is the sole writer and the owner of the site. This site is very useful, especially for those who are looking at starting their own small business and want to become a successful entrepreneur. The articles in this site give the readers extensive knowledge about the fundamentals of running a business such as teamwork and giving value to the customer. Tim Berry is the chairman and founder of Palo Alto Software, and has also taught students at University of Oregon about starting a new business.

20. Search Engine Watch 

Search Engine Optimization is a must for all businesses, big and small alike. Search Engine Watch has resources that help business owners stay on top of their SEO game. The blog also provides quick updates on various changes being made to Google’s algorithms.

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