Top 98 Small Business Blogs List (21 – 40)

21. Mobile Marketing Watch

Mobile Marketing Watch is one of the most powerful mobile marketing blog which covers a wide range of topics like technology, healthcare and advertising. It is operated and owned by MobileStorm, which is a communications company based out of Los Angeles. Mobile Marketing Watch sells its Software as a service product to organizations for social messaging, mobiles and emails. The writers working for Mobile Marketing Watch have the necessary freedom with respect to their content. Justin Montgomery is the editor-in-chief of Mobile Marketing Watch and oversees the work of their writers.

22. looks out for the most creative, original and promising business ideas, ventures and concepts. They have writers working for them in various countries who come up with the details of these creative ideas. The editors then choose the best among them and publish it on the website. The readers of these articles, majority of whom are entrepreneurs and small businessmen, find these content very useful as it helps them make their small business grow quickly. was established in 2002 and is headquartered in London.

23. Venture Hacks

Venture Hacks is a fund-raising company founded by Naval Ravikant and Babak Nivi. As entrepreneurs themselves, they focus more on helping people who want to start a small business and other budding entrepreneurs turn the funding process upside down so they gain the upper-hand over investors. Naval and Nivi together have founded other companies such as Epinions and AngelList. Both founders have worked as advisers in various small companies before coming together to form Venture Hacks. They are based out of San Francisco and have passed out from Ivy League colleges.

24. Business Opportunities

Business Opportunities is a blog which helps people who want to start a small business and entrepreneurs to find legitimate business opportunities. In this blog, you will find the archives in chronological order with links to all the relevant business opportunities. It was founded by Dane Carlson in 2001, who is an entrepreneur himself. According to Dane, most of the information available about business opportunities on the web are irrelevant and so he decided to build a list through his blog which is now quite comprehensive.

25. The Guardian – Small Business

The Guardian is one of the oldest English newspapers founded by John Edward Taylor in 1821. Not only has it become the national newspaper of the UK, its website has one of the largest followers of international readers. The small business section of the newspaper consists of a number of articles which talks about the various opportunities for entrepreneurs and small business owners in the United Kingdom.

26. Small Business Computing

Small Business Computing is a blogging service owned by IT Business Edge and is a property of Quinstreet Enterprise. This blog focuses more on the latest news and developments with regard to the world of Information Technology. Apart from this, they also have a section about small business and entrepreneurship with a variety of articles about how to run a small business successfully. These articles and blog-posts are written by some of the most experienced businessmen and women in the field.

27. is a website which was launched in 2008, containing numerous blogs and articles. It has given the freelance writers in the United States with a platform to express their thoughts and share their knowledge about various topics ranging from sports, lifestyle and technology. The in-house editorial team guides the writers and helps them make their content more attractive to readers. They have their own section on small business which deals with the latest news, tips and techniques on running a small business. is owned by the Anschutz Corporation and is based out of Denver, Colorado.

28. ReadWrite- SmallBiz

ReadWrite is among the most widely read and reputable tech news sites in the world. ReadWrite was founded by Richard MacManus in 2003 as ReadWriteWeb and he relaunched it again as ReadWrite in 2012. The small business section of ReadWrite, ReadWriteSmallBiz, has helped many start-ups and other emerging businesses cope with their own specific technology opportunities and challenges.

29. The Sydney Morning Herald- My Small Business

The Sydney Morning Herald is one of the oldest daily newspapers published in Australia. It was founded by John Fairfax in April, 1831. The newspaper’s website has a section called ‘My Small Business’. This section caters to the needs of the small business owners and entrepreneurs in Australia and helps their business grow. The articles in this section talks about various topics ranging from planning, HR staffing, accounting, taxation among others.

30. is an online magazine, which caters to the needs of the small business owners. helps the small business owners by giving them access to the necessary information about the latest trends in small business and other industry insights. These information are shared by fellow entrepreneurs, small business owners and other professional experts.

The site offers the small business owners ideas and tips, which can help them expand their business. The site is owned by Ivan Widjaya who started as a personal blog in 2008 which slowly evolved into a multi-authored blog.

31. Fox Business – Small Business Center

Fox Business is one of the largest American business news television channel. It was founded in 2006 and is owned by the Fox Entertainment Group. It has its headquarters in New York and the day-to-day operations of the channel is managed by Kevin Magee. The website of the network offers a wide range of information about current trends in the business world. The site also has its own dedicated section about small business known as the Small Business Center where you can find various blogs and articles on how to successfully run a small business.

32. Duct Tape Marketing

Duct Tape Marketing is a consulting network which offers training and licenses to various small business marketing consultants and other entrepreneurs. John Jantsch is the founder of Duct Tape Marketing. Apart from running the consultancy, John is also an avid blogger and has written various blogs on small business and its marketing on the Duct Tape Marketing’s website. Various magazine

33. Killer Startups

Killer Startups is a website for entrepreneurs. It is driven by an internet-based startup community. Entrepreneurs get updated with the latest development on the various upcoming startups with the blogs on Killer Startups. The startups use the platform provided by Killer Startups to know the buzz being created by their idea. Killer Startups was founded by two Argentinian brothers Gonzalo and Fernando Arzuaga. s and journals have recognized John’s blogs as some of the best in small business and marketing.

34. Tweak Your Biz

Tweak Your Biz is an online publication and business advice community. It is a place where entrepreneurs from around the world share effective business tips and also advice each other. It was founded in 2009 by Niall Devitt, Fred Caballero and Facundo Villaveiran as Bloggertone, but was re-branded as Tweak Your Biz in 2012. Anita Campbell is the CEO of Tweak Your Biz and she has founded other startups for small businessmen to help them grow their business. The writers on Tweak Your Biz also write for other reputed publications like- ‘The Washington Post’ and ‘The New York Times’.

35. Small Biz Technology

Small Biz Technology is a media-based organization. It helps entrepreneurs and other small businesses with information through events and content on using technology effectively to grow their businesses. Many small businesses fail to grow due to lack of knowledge of certain technology which may help them boost their revenue, improve customer service, save money and time. The ways through which Small Biz Technology spreads its information to the owners of small businesses include news articles, resources, discussion boards and events. Small Biz Technology was founded by Ramon Ray who is an eminent writer and speaker.

36. CrowdSpring

CrowdSpring is a small company based out of Chicago, which was founded by Ross Kimbarovsky and Mike Samson. CrowdSpring’s aim is to help small businesses grow by helping them get creative people. CrowdSpring largely provides businesses with affordable logo and web design as well as writing services. By acting as the bridge between the buyers and talented people around the world, CrowdSpring is helping small businesses and entrepreneurs in tapping the right workforce.

37. Quicksprout

Quicksprout is a forum where the owner Neil Patel helps companies, especially the startups in getting more popular by helping them with their online marketing and search engine optimization. Neil who is an entrepreneur and is considered to be in the top ten online marketers in the world, has helped a lot of organizations achieve an increase in traffic on their website. He writes the articles on Quicksprout, which include a lot of ‘A guide to’ topics. The tips given by Neil have been very effective and have made Quicksprout a very popular site among the people who want to develop an effective online marketing strategy.

38. Huff Post Small Business America

Huff Post Small Business America is a section in the Huffington Post website, which caters to the needs of the small business owners in the US. It contains a large number of articles covering various topics and trends in the field of small business. These articles are written by some of the most eminent writers who have extensive experience in managing a small business. The readership of these articles include people who intend to becomes self-employed and start their own business. These articles talk about the various positives as well as drawbacks of running your own business.

39. The SelfEmployed

The SelfEmployed is a website which offers people with everything they want to know with regards to their entrepreneurial journey. It not only contains relevant blog posts and articles, but videos, forums and pod-casts which are meant specifically for people who want to start their own small business. The site offers information concerning self-employment and the articles are written by experienced small businesspeople. The SelfEmployed was founded by USA Today columnist Steve Strauss, who is an eminent author and speaker apart from being a practicing lawyer.

40. Biz Sugar

Biz Sugar is a company, which delivers content that the prospective entrepreneurs and small business owners may find useful. The content on the site not only contains written work, but other forms such as videos and blog-posts. The content acts as the perfect learning opportunity for the small business owners. It helps them learn from the mistakes made by other small business owners. The people posting on the site also benefit as they gain online visibility, which helps them get connected to many like-minded people. Biz Sugar was founded in 2007 by DBH Communications Inc. However, it was acquired by Small Business Trends in 2009 and is now headed by Anita Campbell.

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