Top 95 Content Curation Tools List (81 – 95)

81. OpenTopic

OpenTopic was founded by Sophie Reinauld. It is an online platform meant for discovering and publishing content that is interesting and relevant to users’ needs. The content publishing process is automated and can be monitored easily. OpenTopic has a search engine to aggregate relevant and satisfactory content which can be curated to engage a user’s audience through social media sharing and customized home pages. OpenTopic allows you to feed all social media sites, websites and blogs, or even create a newsletter from a single platform.

82. News Whip

NewsWhip is an online news provider which tracks English news that is published all over the world. The website then gathers the social recognition and popularity that these topics are gaining from various social networking sites by checking how many likes, comments, shares, and tweets it has. This social trending is checked at regular intervals to build a real time picture of its popularity and social speed. These stories are then categorized so that users are presented first with news that is of the highest quality and are gaining the most social importance. NewsWhip is a free platform that has been founded by Andrew Mullaney and Paul Quigley. NewsWhip also provides premium pro tools such as Spike and Social Amplifier.

83. Daily Social

Daily Social is an online social newsfeed aggregator that combines content updates from your Twitter, Facebook, and other RSS feeds so they may be read on Readability/Pocket accounts. Only the best and highly trending social articles are sent to you by Daily Social based on a ranking system using several judging criteria. Daily Social serves as a platform to provide top news from all your social sites that will be of great interest to you. These top stories can be sent to your read later applications so they may be available at any time. The service is still in a beta period during which it is free for everyone. Payment options and premium services will be offered when the application goes out of the beta stage.

84. Dashter

Dashter is social media management platform that enables you to curate relevant content and engage with people in your network. It allows you to turn social interactions into content while also allowing you to curate and deliver fresh and original content in social interactions. Dashter is a WordPress plugin that can be installed onto a user’s website and connected to their Twitter accounts. This makes your website transform into a center to regulate your social media activities. It can access your posts to discover content, conversations and people that are relevant and similar to you. Dave Cole was the founder of Dashter. Due to changes in the Twitter API, commercial support for Dashter was discontinued.

85. Storination

Storination is a community-oriented social blogging platform which is based on the Storify content publishing web-tool. It is a curation tool that allows users to create a storyboard of collated Storify stories around a specific topic. Other users can also share stories of the same topic on published storyboards. Storination allows its users to import stories from Storify into their storyboards or collect images, tweets, and videos to create a new story within Storination. Storination’s core basic processes are free of charge and the company was founded by Francois Laforestrie.

86. iFlow

iFlow is a content curation platform that allows users to discover, create, and curate ‘flows’ on any topic. Flows are topic-based streams that let users stay connected and updated with selected topics. These ‘flows’ may be followed, which results in users being continually updated with content relevant to selected topics. Flows can be set up to include detailed filters to provide for high quality of content curation. iFlow also allows users to create their own private flows. Users may invite others to contribute on their flows or can even keep their flows private. iFlow is a free to use service.

87. Attrakt

Attrakt is an online search engine which aims to provide users with better search results as they sign in and keep track of regularly visited and favorite sites. Users may create specifically themed boxes on a topic and add links to these boxes which serve as a means of content curation. Attrakt allows users to search within boxes to display result only from sites that are liked most. These boxes are private or shareable between users and play an important part of the ‘social search’ feature which enables links to be found from other similar user created boxes. Users can also follow other people’s boxes. Atrrakt is a completely free service and was founded by Andrea Dotta.

88. CI Thread

CI Thread, or Collective Intelligence Threading, makes use of innovative technology which greatly improves the quality and speed that is associated with content curation. CI Thread has an interference engine that uses artificial intelligence to provide content curators with an intelligent assistant to help with the curation process. This means that the company tries to help content curators be more productive. While the engine is used to search content, which is then either selected or rejected, it becomes more intelligent and analyzes selection patterns that it uses to provide better quality content in the future. It can generate content that receives more clicks and views and even automatically publish content to websites. CI Thread was founded by Tom Riddle and Mike Matchett. The site is, however, under maintenance and not available to the public.

89. Skloog

Skloog is an online bookmarking service that can also be used a browser homepage that provides access to all your favorite sites with easy shortcuts. Skloog bookmarking application allows users to email links to their provided email id as a convenient way to save websites and links. Bookmarks from previously used sites and browsers can be imported into Skloog. These bookmarks are easily organized with different tags and categories that make them easily searchable. Skloog also has a ‘bookmarklet’ tool which makes the process of bookmarking more efficient and easy. Skloog is a free service.

90. Stitch

Stitch is a mobile application that allows users to create customized messages and share them with other people. Messages may be created with different templates and effects,personalized with photos and text and added with music before sharing it with anyone. These customized messages are known as stitches. Stitch application can be used for free. However, a larger number of templates and other features are available with In-App and Pro plans for $0.99/item and $4.99 respectively. Stitch was created by Klab Labs.

91. Feedgrabbr

Feedgrabbr is an online curation tool which delivers regularly updated content to a RSS widget that can be used on your website. The content shown through this widget can be your own content or can be automatically curated by adding filters to deliver content from across the internet. The widget is highly customizable in all its aspects to suit your needs and is updated with news at regular intervals. Feedgrabbr is available as a basic version which is free and a pro version which $4.95/month or $49/year.

92. Magzinr

Magzinr is an online social bookmarking service that allows users to save web links as bookmarks onto the site. Pages that are bookmarked can be saved along with a name, description and multiple tags. Each tag generates its own RSS feed. Other users can selectively follow and subscribe to content under selected tags. These bookmarked links can be turned into magazines, widgets or tweets. The site also provides users with a bookmarklet to serve for easy bookmarking. The site is currently in a beta phase and is free to use for anyone who wishes to sign in with their Twitter accounts. This web tool has been developed by Russel Tarr.

93. Griddeo

Griddeo is an online customizable video application which allows users to create and find channels of videos that can be viewed in a continuous stream. Griddeo is connected to the user’s social media accounts and uses the information sourced from these sites to provide suggestions and recommendations of what to watch next. Users can choose to view lists of videos from featured channels or create their own custom channels of videos that are available over the network. Channels can also be shared with friends or followed to create a network. Griddeo is free to use and is currently in its beta phase. The web application was created by Gary Baker.

94. CurateXpress

CurateXpress is an online content curation tool that is designed to facilitate the curation of online content while making sure that the people who take out time to find and share these curated links receive credit. Content can be shared using browser add-ins. When another reader clicks a link you have shared, they view the content with a toolbar at the top giving you credit for the share. The toolbar allows readers to view your Twitter account, rate the content, add a comment and also re-share the link which gives you a new audience and grows your network. CurateXpress is currently available on a limited beta stage and those interested can request for an invite. The web tool was envisioned and designed by Neicole Crepeau and her company, Coherent Interactive.

95. SocXO

SocXO is an online business content aggregator that brings users relevant content from different sources. SocXO allows users to make the choice of receiving custom content in the form of “blurbs”. A Blurbs is manually created content that is relevant to a user’s interest. The content in “blurbs” consists of a link, title and description. This content can then be shared on social sites at a scheduled time after using the different editing options available. The site is meant to serve a niche audience and users can sign up to this service for free.

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