Top 95 Content Curation Tools List (66 – 80)

66. Pluggio

Pluggio is an online social content curation tool which helps in social media management. The tools it provides help to keep track of and organize different profiles, gather followers on social networks, and automatically curate and publish targeted content. The website serves as a means to aggregate and discover trending content from Twitter. Pluggio also offers its users an option to import existing twitter lists and the ability to schedule Tweets for a later time. Pluggio was created by Justin Vincent. It is available as a free service, but has many more features to offer its paid users. A wide range of different paid plans are available for users.

67. Kbucket

Kbucket is an online content curation platform which offers user generated bookmarked pages. The site is fed by researchers, authors, enthusiasts, and others who have a passion to share, organize and curate information on any topic. These ‘Kauthors’ collect and publish links and comments with appropriate tags to identify what content is relevant to a certain topic. These tags serve as categories for the content all over the website. The site is a platform to search for topics which provides endless curated content and researched pages. The website was founded by Karan Bavandi and is free to use.

68. Flockler

Flockler is an online social curation platform with tools that allow the audience to create topics in which members can post. The content posted in these topics can be any type of text, image, video, embedded codes, and tweets. Flockler pulls content from across multiple social feeds and allows for discussion between members on trending topics. It serves as an online aggregation of content over a large number of topics. Flockler helps members to not only serve their existing reader base but also increase growth in their readership. Flockler was founded by Toni Hopponen. The core platform offered by Flockler is free to use, but also offers premium options with many more features.

69. FlashIssue

FlashIssue is an online publishing tool that allows users to easily create newsletters with freshly curated content. FlashIssue provides users with an option to search for content which the site curates for them. Each search result has a concise and clear summary preview which leads to the original article. Once the required content has been selected it can be dragged and dropped in the newsletter. Content added onto the newsletter can then be edited and extra content written as well. The finished newsletter can be delivered through a number of social networking means. FlashIssue also offers a bookmarklet tool so content can be clipped whenever you are surfing through the internet. FlashIssue was founded by Phil Hill and is available for free usage with extra features available in a paid plan for $19/month.

70. Sqworl

Sqworl is an online visual bookmarking application that allows users to save related URLs together under a themed category. The website has visual previews that represent each link before a user clicks on it. Web pages can be added together into groups and this new group that is created will have its own public URL where all saved links can be viewed as thumbnails. Sqworl also makes use of a bookmarklet to allow users to save URLs to their collection without leaving the web page. Sqworl was founded by Caleb Brown and Shaun Chapman and is available for free usage.

71. LearnFizz

LearnFizz is an online platform where users can store and organize related links together into ‘mixes’, which are themed categories. Learnfizz is a site where a user may find hundreds of links which facilitate learning of new content from all over the web on any topic. These links are rated by members for the benefit of users. LearnFizz also provides ‘mixes’ on certain topics, which are a group of related links which facilitate comprehensive coverage of any topic. LearnFizz also has a bookmarklet that can be installed into your web browser to easily save web pages into your collections without having to leave the web page. LearnFizz was produced by Happy Ltd. The website is completely free to use.

72. Storytlr

Storytlr is an online platform for micro blogging which also plays the role of an open source lifestream. Content from all your picked sources can be brought together to appear as a lifestream on your site. Storytlr allows users to mash up their data into stories which are sourced from different social sites. The site is an aggregation of a user’s entire web life. The lifestreams created can be edited and personalized to suit a user and users are provided with their own personal site on the Storytlr domain. The website was founded by Alard Weisscher and Laurent Eschenauer and is free of cost for its users.

73. ContentGems

ContentGems is an online content provider that aims to help marketers discover, curate and share interesting and engaging content. The site automatically discovers relevant content from all over the web that is based on a user’s filters. The content can then be received on demand or through a convenient email digest. This content that is curated for you can easily be shared on websites or social media sites. ContentGems offers free service to its users.

74. Themeefy
Themeefy is an online content curation application that is used as a teaching platform. The website allows users to create lessons with content collected from around the web which can later be shared. The content which has been curated from around the web can be added into different collections that are organized with different themes. It can then be shared with groups of students. The web application can be used to curate the internet, customize content and publish it. This content can be shared with whoever you want with the use of a password. It can also be embedded on blogging sites. Themeefy is a free service that has premium options available.

75. Bundle Post

Bundle Post is an automated management system for aggregation of content from social network sites. The website automatically finds, organizes, manages, and schedules users’ social media content. The site provides users with a social media dashboard or a browser plugin for searching, editing and scheduling content making it one of the best applications for social media marketing and content curation. The website was founded by Robert M. Caruso. A 30 day free trial period is available for users after which expanded and pro plans are available for $50/month and $100/month respectively.

76. My Curator

My Curator works to provide users with interesting and usable content. The website’s bookmarklet allows users to clip and store content as they browse the web which can be curated onto their site with the provided tools. Article discovery is customizable with users choosing what sources to refer and what exactly to look for in articles. It is also an automatic and pro-active delivery of content which inspires users to create new posts. Thumbs up and down on posts facilitates an increase in the accuracy of content delivery. My Curator also has an auto-post capability to deliver articles to your site. The site has trial-period offers for new users after which one of many low-priced paid plans can be utilized for continuous usage of the service.

77. Story Crawler

Story Crawler is an intelligent content curation software tool which delivers results that are specific to a user’s needs. It is designed to search and collect content from across the Internet that is user-relevant and can be used for republication. The features that Story Crawler has to offer its users are numerous, such as: unlimited folders, story archiving, automated newsletters, advanced filters, instant publishing, search engine optimization, blog monitoring, competitive research, and many more. The site was founded by Denny Dansereau. The prices for using the services Story Crawler has to provide depend upon individual client needs.

78. WP Drudge

WP Drudge is a WordPress website template that allows users to post external articles, blog posts, and links to other sites. Any topic can be published upon by selecting and republishing the most significant curated links. It also supports the curation of images and videos. WP Drudge offers drag and drop additions to the page as well as font, color, and layout customization. Short summaries of links can be added and new content can also be mixed with external links before publishing. The template also has built in advertisement placing and is designed for search engine optimization. The price of a single template for a domain is $89 while the price for a developer license with unlimited domains is $299.

79. Blog Bridge

Blog Bridge is an organizer that brings together RSS feeds from different blogs and news sources. It helps users stay updated with the latest and most relevant content on the Internet. The content that is provided to users goes through a rich process of filtering, based on predefined properties. The application has a star rating system to organize posts and feeds, a “what’s hot” tool to pick out the most important posts from the feed and a cleanup wizard to delete posts and clear clutter. The desktop application allows users to export and import all their Google Reader subscriptions and can also provide for directly posting to twitter and your own blog from inside the application. Pito Salas is the founder of Blog Bridge and this desktop application is free to use.

80. Like Hack

Like Hack is an online social newsfeed reader which brings its users personalized stories that are refined to be relevant to their interests. Taking into regard your previous likes and favorites on different social media sites, Like Hack finds people with similar interests to help in curating specific content into your feed. Like Hack sources feed from all your social networks and blogs to provide all relevant and interesting content in one place. All favorite and liked content from your social networks are archived within a searchable library in the Like Hack website for future viewing. Jane Smordonikova is the founder of Like Hack. The product is available for free usage to start off but can be upgraded to a pro version with many more features for $5/month.

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