Top 95 Content Curation Tools List (51 – 65)

51. My Syndicaat

My Syndicaat is a personalized online aggregator that allows users to collect, filter and share important and relevant web content. This aggregated content can be pulled in from a large number of resources and this aggregation process can be set to automatically update to ensure current information and content. The internet content that is gathered can be made accurate and precise with the help of filters, user defined rules and manual inclusion/exclusion. This curated content can then be shared with other users and subscribers in the form of dynamic streams of content. My Syndicaat offers free of charge usage for personal and noncommercial users. This free usage has some limitations when compared with paid usage. MySyndicaat is a service developed and owned by Kipcast corp.

52. News Pin

News Pin is an online social content provider which aims at supplying users with unique curated content for their social media sites. Users can choose from a large number of topics that they are interested in or create one on their own. The service will scan about 50,000 articles per day and deliver the most interesting and relevant articles to its users. These articles can be used as social media content and posted online. News Pin can automatically post for users as well. News Pin can thus produce newsfeed for its users based on any topic. News Pin was founded by Allan Martinson and is currently in its beta stage News Pin is free to use for anyone who connects to the service with their Twitter or Facebook accounts.

53. Shareist

Shareist is a content marketing solution for the social media, content publishing and email marketing of its users. Shareist allows users to collect information that has been clipped with a bookmarklet from around the web into their inbox. This curated content can then be used to create articles or posts which can be simultaneously published to all social media sites of the user. Shariest was founded by Scott Jangro and Damien Arlabosse. Users can choose from one of the four different paid plans to make use of this service. Prices for these different plans are $10/month, $25/month and $50/month.

54. SurfMark

SurfMark is an online content collection service which allows its users to take snapshots of web pages they come across and save them for later viewing. SurfMark allows its users to annotate and highlight their screenshots while saving them which can help them to build up information resources of curated content. It is one of the easiest ways to collect and organize information for online research. SurfMark also facilitates users to collaborate on projects with other users as well. Themed collections can also be shared on social media sites. Vivek Agarwal is the founder of Surf Mark and the website is still in its beta phase.

55. MyTweetMag

MyTweetMag is an online content publishing service that lets users create a personal magazine with links and other content that has been sourced from their Twitter feed. MyTweetMag filters the tweets it pulls in based on the tweets’ hashtag. Curated content that is compiled into a magazine can be made up of a single user’s personal stream or be a collection of tweets from different users that are making a collaborated magazine. The TweetMag stream can be integrated into a wordpress-blog with a plugin. Magazines of different users can be subscribed to and rated as well. Sebastian Schuermanns is the founder of MyTweetMag. The site has currently been taken down.

56. DialogFeed

Dialogfeed is an online content publication service which provides customized content for a user’s social feed. This curated content is also automatically streamed. By making social feed more interactive, lively and customer friendly, Dialogfeed aims to boost visits to your site and allow more engagement between a brand and its audience. Dialogfeed sources content from multiple social sites into an integrated widget for a company’s website. The Dialogfeed applications that can be used on a company’s website are highly customizable to suit a company’s need. Patrick Willemarck is the founder of Dialog Solutions. Dialogfeed provides users with a free trial, but requires payment to take the process further.

57. TwitChimp

TwitChimp is a Twitter listing service which caters to various niche groups allowing users to find the right people to follow. With the help of TwitChimp users can make curated lists of Twitter accounts to follow for a specific topic. These lists are made easily available and discoverable by categorization, which helps those people who are looking for content that is relevant to a topic. Users can also make suggestions for additions to lists. The lists that are made on TwitChimp can also be embedded onto any other site. TwitChimp offers many free services including the ability to create, discover, embed and share lists. Paid upgrades are also available for additional features. TwitChimp was founded by Bob Gourley.

58. Feedspot

Feedspot is a social feed reader which pulls in feed from a large number of online sources to provide regular newsfeed based on a particular topic. Feedspot has an extremely powerful search to locate relevant articles for its users. New articles for existing feeds appear on your feed a few minutes after they are on the original site as your feeds are constantly updated. Feedspot allows users to share their activity on their social media sites as well. Friends can be followed on the site which leads to discovery of new content. Links, images, videos and folders can be shared with followers on your Feedspot profile. Feedspot was founded by Vineet Agarwal and Anuj Agarwal and is currently in a public beta stage.

59. Tumblecloud

Tumblecloud is an online content publishing platform which serves as an application to create and share media projects. The site also allows users to co-create projects as it has features that allow others to contribute to your projects; this makes it perfect for collaborative digital storytelling. Projects on Tumblecloud make the site a community blog, as well as a social network for its users. It allows its users to share their personal creativity and follow each other while at the same time serving as a visual online professional portfolio. The website was founded by Brian Andreas and is currently working in a beta stage to which interested individuals may request to be invited.

60. Juxtapost

Juxtapost is an online photo sharing website which aims to provide its users with tools that can be easily used to bookmark and share photos while surfing the internet. One of the main benefits that Juxtapost provides users is private postboards feature. Newly posted content can be shared with a selected few people or be kept entirely private. Juxtapost also has an online collaboration tool allowing more than one user to post and develop a postboard. Sharing with friends, color indexing, automatic descriptions, presenting related content and exportable data are some of the unique features that Juxtapost offers to address common deficits found in other social discovery websites. The website was founded by Monir Boktor and is free to use.

61. Spundge

Spundge is an online platform for tracking and creating high quality and influential content. The online application allows users to keep track of content found online which can be organized into personalized categories with the help of a web browser extension. This extension also suggests the best category for new content to be added into. The content available is aggregated from a variety of sources depending on user specifications. The content on Spundge can also be collaborated by multiple users with the same interests. The created content and categories can be made public or private. Spundge offers its users with both free and premium usage option. Premium users are offered a large number of extra features for $9 per month.

62. CurationSoft

CurationSoft is content curation software that helps users create, discover and organize content. It allows users to have better search rankings for their articles as the content delivered is extremely relevant to search topics. This desktop based curating software posts content to your own site which benefits your traffic numbers. CurationSoft allows users to “drag and drop” content from the software to a HTML text editor which makes it a helpful tool for a large number of sites. CurationSoft is very easy to use, allowing for fast curation of any content from a large number of sources. The content provided has no copyright issues either. CurationSoft has a free, pro and lifetime version. The free version sources content from only Google’s Blog Search whereas the pro and lifetime versions offer more sources to generate content from and are charged at $47/year and $97/lifetime respectively. CurationSoft was co-founded by Jack Humphrey and Peter Lenkefi.

63. Liiist

Liiist is an online bookmarking tool that allows users to collect web page content. Liiist offers a bookmarklet that is compatible with any web browser which is used to save webpage contents. Favorite contents are brought together into lists which can be compared in the Liiist community. These created lists can be kept private or shared with others depending on user requirements. Lists created on the site can have more than one contributor to create high quality collections. There are different ways that lists can be viewed to create a personalized user interface. Liiist was founded by Yvan Wibaux and is a free website.

64. Darwin Ecosystem

Darwin Ecosystem is a website that aims to reveal movement of the world’s information which will improve awareness and content discovery of its users. The technology used by the company improves real time discovery and assists in information gathering and content curation. The Darwin Ecosystem has two tools, the Darwin Awareness Engine and TweetZUP. The Darwin Awareness Engine is used to find out what is new and trending on the internet and facilitate discovery and awareness of its users. TweetZUP is a web utility that is used to know what is trending in the thousands of tweets published throughout the day. Darwin Ecosystem was founded by Thierry Hubert.

65. InAGist

InAGist is an online solution to provide information about trending tweets and filtering a user’s Twitter timeline to provide tweets that are most relevant to specified topics. InAGist provides social search options and favorite channels for curated information about significant tweets and the latest news in different focuses. The website also offers real time updates with a Chrome extension. With a widget that may be embedded into personal sites, publishers can provide their audience with trending tweets related to the content displayed. This free to use website was founded by Karthik Kumaraswamy and Jebu Ittiachen.

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