Top 95 Content Curation Tools List (36 – 50)

36. TrapIt

TrapIt is a personalized search service that aims to take search services to newer levels, providing a larger resource of content that is customized to suit a specific user’s interests. The more TrapIt is used and search results “liked”, the more efficient it becomes in delivering refined, relevant and interesting results that are specially tailored for a specific user. The results that this search engine curates and puts before you are more personal as they are also based on information that TrapIt gets from your Facebook or Twitter account. Gary Griffiths and Hank Nothhaft Jr. are co-founders of TrapIt. The service is currently running in a beta version and is open for everyone to try.

37. Gimme Bar

Gimme Bar is an online visual “booksaving” service. Instead of saving links or titles of links, as other bookmarking services work, when users want to save content from across the web with the Gimme Bar, the actual file is saved to your Gimme Bar page and to your Dropbox account for future use. Instead of a list of links, actual saved content can be viewed in the future with Gimme Bar. The saved content can either be made public for other viewers to go through or can be set as private. The visual interface that the bookmarking service provides is extremely clear and easy to use. Gimme Bar was founded by Sean Coates and can be used as a basic service free of cost. Gimme Bar can also be used through a Pro Account with extra features for $2/month.

38. Prismatic

Prismatic is a personalized news aggregator that delivers users with internet content that is relevant to them. The web service can instantly personalize the content that it delivers to users by connecting to their social media accounts and this delivered content is continuously made more relevant to a user’s interests as Prismatic learns over time what users like to read. Users can also have social profiles on the Prismatic site, which allows for viewing of socially curated content, and sharing of interests and content with other users. Prismatic users also have the option to clear their personal filters and go through articles that are important and trending worldwide. Prismatic as a mobile application can also supply important local news based on a user’s location. Prismatic was founded by Bradford Cross and Aria Haghighi and is available as a free web service and mobile application for iOS phones.

39. Curated is a German website, Das Online-Kuratorium. This website is a platform that provides viewers with curated content from around the internet that is categorized under different topics. The website provides images, articles and videos about trending content that is relevant to users. lets its users pick out content from the web and display it in their own streams; this content is collected with the help of browser extensions. Bundles of content that are created by users on can be embedded into personal websites and blogs as well. brings to the surface, topics that users would most likely be interested in and also allows several people to collaborate and develop a bundle. The company is handled by two people who founded it together, Bastian Lehmann and Sam Street.

40. SnipIt

SnipIt is a social platform where content from all over the web can be composed into different themed collections which based on different types of interests. These collections are easily accessible for later use on the SnipIt website and may be kept private or shared with the SnipIt community. Users can browse through collections that have been made by other users and can ‘resnip’ content into their own collections. Snips can be saved as a favorite, can be commented upon or shared to other social media sites. Users can easily snip content from around the web with easy to use sidebars. SnipIt was founded by Ramy Adeeb and has now been acquired by Yahoo! which led to a temporary suspension of their services.

41. Kurator

Kurator is combination of a research platform and a curatorial organization. The curatorial work that Kurator undertakes is inclined towards programming, software and networks. The core activities that Kurator undertakes include projects, research work and publications. The research activities of Kurator are organized in combination with the Art and Social Technologies Research Group of the University of Plymouth. Dr. Joasia Krysa is the director of Kurator.

42. Wavii

Wavii is a startup company that developed an iOS software application, which made use of a machine-learning approach to convert news articles and blogs from all around the internet into a structured summary of their information. This allowed users to follow topics of personal interest and receive short updates about these selected topics in their feed. The service also provided a place to discuss these events with other users. Wavii was developed and founded by Adrian Aoun and has now been acquired by Google, which resulted in discontinuation of the iPhone application and the website.

43. Squrl

Squrl is an online video streaming service that allows users to search and browse through video content on all the major video services on the internet from one single site. One of the best features that Squrl has to offer is personalized recommendations of video content for its users. Squrl can be connected to all other social media accounts which helps to bring users video recommendations that are highly relevant to their interests. Videos on the website are organized into channels for easier navigation. These channels and their layout are customizable to suit a user’s needs. Squrl also allows users to create galleries and collections of their own video content. These personal collections can even be shared and subscribed to. Mark Gray and Michael Hoydich co-founded Squrl.

44. Clipboard

Clipboard is a web clipping service that allows its users to clip content from around the web to add into personal collections on the website. These collections can be private or shared publicly with the community. Unlike the many other web clipping services found online, Clipboard allows users to clip content that is functional. The clipped content need not be the entire web page, but only the important items found on different sites. Content is easily clipped from around the web with the use of a bookmarklet. Clipboard was founded by Gary William Flake to help users organize their online activities. The company was later acquired by Salesforce and the clipping and sharing services offered were shut down.

45. iCyte

iCyte is a web research and management tool that allows its users to save entire webpages as snapshots. The web service also lets users add annotations, tags, comments, explanations and highlights to important text in the webpage. This content can be saved as a ‘cyte’ on to your website account and can be added into existing projects or be used to make new ones. These ‘cytes’ allow you to be directly forwarded to the live version of the links or can simply be viewed as snapshots.. The projects created can be made private or shared with the community. Other iCyte users can be invited to collaborate on projects to increase quality. iCyte was co-founded by Graham Smith and Stephen Foley. Free trials are available on iCyte for those who wish to try out the application. iCyte is further available for @2.99/month or $29/year.

46. Publish2

Publish2 is a content sharing web service that facilitates collaborative journalism. Publish2 allows journalists and newspapers to create a customized and comprehensive newswire. It collects the collaborated editorials of journalists to create an aggregation of engaging news which can be distributed over many channels. This concept of aggregation is known as link journalism. Publish2 imports content for its users via feeds which is automated to be optimized for providing content related to the context of the users’ experience. The web service was founded by Scott Karp and Robert Young and currently has two products for sale, Link Newswire and News Exchange.

47. Post Planner

Post Planner is an independent application that can be installed to connect with a user’s Facebook account. This application can be directly accessed from Facebook as well. The application is designed to deliver automated content to your Facebook Page based on a predetermined schedule. This application helps users to identify trending and relevant content to deliver high quality curated content. The latest content from your social media pages can be viewed from within the Post Planner website where articles can be added to the queue. The application also facilitates viewing of important analytics related to your social page. An extremely large database is also available to search for ideas that can be used as social status updates. Post Planner was created by Joshua Parkinson with the help of an overseas developer, Slav. Post Planner offers trial versions for interested users and for those who want to continue further paid services are available for @19/month, $29/month and $79/month.

48. Triberr

Triberr is an online tool that helps users promote their blogs and gain recognition with the help of other users in their “tribe”. Triberr helps users to gain a larger audience while becoming part of a community of similar bloggers. Each Tiberr user is part of a group (a tribe) of ten users who share links to each other’s blogs either manually or automatically on their social media sites immediately after new content is published. Triberr offers a commenting system on its site between tribe members which is reflected on the comments section on your blog page as well, which helps discussions grow in your blog. Triberr also offers a reblog feature where backlinks to your blog are added onto the blogs of other users. Sharing posts about other people’s blogs can also serve as a form of content curation available on the site. Triberr thus helps its users to penetrate social media sites, generate and promote content and drive traffic to their blogs. Triberr was created by Dino Dogan and Daniel Cristo and is available as a free service. Triberr also offers a prime membership option for $40/month.

49. Collected

Collected is an online content collection service which allows its users to gather content from around the web into one place. With the help of this service, users are able to collect content related to their interests and their friends’ interests on their own. Collected allows users to gather feed from sources all over the net and compile them together into collections for future use. This also provides them with a clear overview of saved content and an ability to share these collections with friends. Users can gather their own online history together, or can even collect their friends’ activity. Collected’s website is beneficial for companies and organizations who want to gather their online content in one place to give their audiences an overall view of their activities. Collected was founded by Andreas Thorstensson, Ted Persson and David Sundin.

50. Faveous

Faveous is quite simply a “favorites collector”. The web service collects all your liked and favorite content from a range of popular social media sites and brings them all together. It serves as the perfect website where you can view all your favorite content from around the internet at one place. Faveous brings together this entire favorite, starred and liked content right from your first liked post. Faveous is integrated with all social media services that you may use and does not require bookmarklets or logins to curate your content. The Faveous community also helps to discover new content from friends and the most interesting topics around the world at the moment. Faveous was created by a French entrepreneur, Arthur Monnet. Faveous is available for users who are ready to pay in the form of a tweet or Facebook post about the web service.

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