Top 95 Content Curation Tools List (21 – 35 )

21. Percolate

Percolate is a social media tool that can help users bring the most relevant and useful information from their social media sites to the forefront. Percolate also helps different brands to create social content for their audiences. The Percolate team helps its clients (different brands) to create their own unique social profile and deliver interesting and timely content to their audience. By doing this, Percolate ultimately creates the voice of the brand. Percolate was founded by Noah Brier and James Gross. Different services offered by Percolate have different price ranges.

22. Magnify

Magnify provides users with assistance to enhance their video websites by helping them to curate, upload, and aggregate content. The site is a video publishing platform that helps you with curation, video discovery, video delivery, hosting, and encoding. Magnify assists its users with adding and organizing content that attracts customers, offers easy to use advertising features allowing members to draw revenue from their site and also helps them to customize the look of their site to enhance viewer experience. Magnify was co-founded by Steve Rosenbaum and Simon Cavalletto. Magnify is a paid service that offers different plans for different requirements of its users.

23. ListLy

ListLy is a crowdsourcing service that allows users to create their own customized lists and add items to other users’ lists. ListLy allows users to personalize these lists, which can also be easily embedded onto websites/blogs. Viewers can also add ideas on to your list with your moderation, making sure that your lists are constantly updated. ListLy allows you to curate your lists on the go, with a bookmarking tool as well. Lists made from ListLy can be shared onto popular social media sites too. Other members can also be followed to know when new items that interest you are added to their lists. ListLy was co-founded by Nick Kellet and Shyam Subramanyan. It is owned and operated by Boomy Lab and is available as a free service.

24. Newsle

Social media sites allow you to see what your friends are doing or have accomplished only according to what they have already updated, Newsle on the other hand continuously scans the internet to bring you news of your friends, whenever they are mentioned or show up in news stories around the web. Newsle is connected to other social media sites to allow access to all your friend lists, as well as any other popular figures you may want to follow. Newsle was co-founded by Axel Hansen and Jonah Varon. The web tool is available for free usage.

25. Curata

Curata is an online curation tool that is extremely beneficial for marketers to publish content that is relevant to them. Curata searches the internet to locate appropriate content and even organizes it in a presentable manner to the user’s audience. By providing relevant information on a specific topic, Curata helps marketers to save time by managing the flow of significant content. Pawan Deshpande is the founder and CEO of Curata. Curata has a pricing system that is based on an organization’s needs. The general pricing for Curata’s services are $1500/month or $1200/month with an annual contract.

26. Aggregage

Aggregage helps to create online communities by collecting the most relevant and interesting content around a particular business topic. The content is then curated based on the social media activities of the site’s audience. Aggregage also publishes a personalized newsletter at pre-defined intervals that is dedicated to the topic. Visitors to the website can also contribute to the topics. The site helps to bridge the gap between businesses and their audiences. Aggregage was co-founded by Robert Flynn and Tony Karrer.

27. Bundlr

Bundlr is an online curation tool that allows you to “bundle” together related content from the internet. Bundlr has a bookmarklet on your web browser, which allows you to clip any web page into a themed bundle. Such a bundle can be made up of any kind of content, articles, images or even tweets. These bundles can be privately used by members or shared online. Bundlr has a combination of collaboration features with other users, real time updates and the ability to embed pages with your bundles. The web service was founded by Filipe Batista and Sergio Santos. Bundlr is available as a free tool for public use. However, a premium version known as Bundlr Plus, which offers more features, is also available.

28. Zoo Tool

ZooTool is a web application that serves as an online bookmarking service. The ZooTool browser extension allows users to collect content from around the internet. ZooTool’s curation service allows you to collect and organize these images, videos, documents and links into specific categories. After collecting and organizing your content, ZooTool offers the option of sharing your collection online with other viewers. Items from other users’ collections can also be added into your own collection. Bookmarks and prior collections can also be imported so that users do not need to start from scratch. Zootool was founded by Bastian Allgeier. ZooTool accounts, to use this web service, are free of cost.

29. BagTheWeb

BagTheWeb is an online web extension tool that allows users to curate their content. The application allows users to collect, organize, share, publish and embed content found from all over the internet. With this tool, “bags”, which contain links to specific topics, are created . These “bags” are mixed collections of links and content on a specific topic. Once created, these bags may either be kept private or shared online. While viewing others users’ “bags”, their content may be “rebagged” into your own collection. Your collections may also be tagged with keywords to enhance categorizing, searching and discovering. The founder and CEO of BagTheWeb is Gordon Wu. Bag is available as a free extension for web browsers.

30. Eqentia

Eqentia is a web content publishing service that indexes thousands of articles every day from blogs and news sites around the internet. These articles are then categorized into different topics and the attention that these topics are gaining on social media sites is also noted. Eqentia then provides you with a personalized news page of your favorite topics. This news page is highly customizable according to user requirements. The web service also offers a web browser, bookmarklet, which lets you track news on any topic you come across by just highlighting it. Social curation of news can be opened up if your personal stream is shared and made public, allowing others to follow it. The founder and CEO of Eqentia is William Mougayar. Eqentia has a personal stream that can be availed free of cost. However, Eqentia also has paid services with custom content sites, which can include portals and hosted websites.

31. KeepStream

KeepStream is a social media curation tool, which allows users to organize their social media content and web bookmarks. These curated collections of selected and important social content are shareable and embeddable. Your KeepStream page can be shared publicaly with others or may be kept private. KeepStream is a free tool, which also assists users in finding and as well as archiving these important social posts. With this web tool social networking content from different social media sites can be stored together. KeepStream was founded by Jim England, Tim Gasper and Huston Hoburg. The company has now been acquired by Infochimps. KeepStream is free for all users.

32. MlkShk

MlkShk is an online image hosting platform, which allows users to curate image content from around the internet, and add them into collections. Images from anywhere on the web can be saved into your MlkShk profile with the help of easy to use bookmarklets and browser extensions. MlkShk allows users to save, comment and like files of other users, which helps build the social interaction on the site. MlkShk allows users to follow each other and join groups as well. Themed topics can also be created in which different content can be added by other users. Andre Torrez is co-founder of Mlkshk, with his wife Amber. MlkShk is a free web service.

33. Redux

Redux is an online video curation service. The site provides users with a large number of videos across a wide range of channels that have been handpicked by different curators. After registering and connecting with a few users that share similar interests, videos on a specific topic will be provided to you from a large number of sources. David McIntosh is the Founder and President of Redux. Redux has basic services that can be availed for free, but the company also provides various premium services.

34. Summify

Summify is an online social media tool that combs through a user’s social media content to provide a personalized news page of important and relevant content. This news page of social media articles based on significance and relevance to a user’s interests can be viewed in an email sent across to the user or through a downloaded application for iOS mobiles. The news page created was an aggregate of all important social media content from different social media sites. Mircea Paşoi and Cristian Strat co-founded this news aggregator and the company was later acquired by Twitter.

35. Postano

Postano allows aggregation of different types of content from different social media sites on to a single customizable page. This allows social media content to have a cleaner display and become more organized in a continuous stream that can be viewed on the web or embedded on personal sites. Everything about Postano can be customized, which allows brands to match their Postano pages to their own designs. Postano can also allow users to control what gets posted and what social media updates are blocked out. Postano was first started up by Peter Yared under the name of PostPost, but has now been acquired by TigerLogic. Postano is free for users that allow TigerLogic to host their Postano. However, for users that would rather embed Postano onto their websites, prices are dependent on viewership and starts at $10/month.

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