Top 50 Content Marketing Blogs List (11 – 20)

11. Content Marketing Institute

The Content Marketing Institute’s blog is focused on the practical aspects of marketing content. The blog contains articles on how to make marketing procedures more creative, how to make your content go viral, content curation tips, content marketing industry milestones and even articles with reasons as to why content marketing could end in failure. The blog is maintained by the Content Marketing Institute on their website. They aim to advance the content marketing practice by providing how-to advice from the experts. They also engage an active community to discuss the latest news and advances in the industry. The blog is extremely helpful for those who are looking to gain insight and information about the practical aspects of content marketing.

12. Jonathon Colman

Jonathon Colman’s blog is a personal blog about his views and thoughts on various topics. The blog also contains self-help and how-to sections. One of the most commonly touched upon areas is that of content marketing. Jonathon Colman talks about how content can get better, and the problems with content and content marketing. One of the main focus areas in his blog entries is different content strategy topics with a detailed analysis of various content strategies. Jonathon Colman describes himself as a content strategist and a public speaker.

13. Social Media Examiner

Social Media Examiner’s blog is useful for everything to do with social media and online marketing. Their editorial team publish comprehensive articles on a daily basis that divulge information on everything that a business would need to know about social media marketing. The blog has a lot of articles related to content writing and content marketing with emphasis laid on the social media aspect of content marketing. Social Media Examiner is an online social magazine dedicated to guide businesses through the intricacies of social media

14. Conversation Agent

Conversation Agent is a blog that is run by Valeria Maltoni whose articles center around marketing and its different practices. The blog focuses more specifically on the importance of content marketing and content marketing strategy. They delve into issues as to why content marketing is a must for top companies, how it builds a brand’s community, how to create a demand for your content and other creative content strategies. Valeria Maltoni is a strategist, author and linguist. Her blog is one of the top marketing blogs and she is also a sought after key-note speaker.

15. ReelSEO

ReelSEO serves its readers with large resources of news, insights, tips and analysis concerning video content marketing. The blog has articles which talk about the importance of video content as a marketing tool, various video content marketing strategies and tips on how to succeed with video content marketing. The articles also explain how to make best use of new video technologies and the best practices to employ in video marketing. ReelSEO is the best site available for video search engine optimization, video marketing and video advertising solutions.

16. Post Advertising

Post Advertising’s blog focuses on providing a large resource of information related to the “post-advertising age” of marketing for companies and businesses. The blog’s articles are focused on helping brands and companies connect to their customers and audiences with expert knowledge on advertising practices. The blog contains numerous articles related to content marketing. They talk about its dynamic nature, its usefulness and how content marketing can help brands go global.

17. Marketing Experiments Blog

MarketingExperiments is an online based research lab that discovers how to optimize marketing procedures and sales processes by conducting different experiments and case studies. The research results put forward are complemented by the MarketingExperiments blog which provides valuable insight, news, analysis and in-depth details of marketing techniques. One of the marketing methods that the blog experiments with is content marketing. The blog has articles about reviews of different content marketing experiments which have proves their value and also how content marketing through social media can be extremely beneficial for a company.

18. MackCollier

The MackCollier blog focuses on providing information and knowledge to companies about social media. The blog highlights all aspects as to why a good social image is necessary for any brand. Content marketing is one of the topics that Mack Collier’s blog regularly concentrates upon. His articles are carried across topics such as: how content marketing can generate fans for a brand, how content marketing can turn out to be negative for a company, how to use content marketing and how the bar has been raised for content marketing across the world. Mack Collier is a consultant, trainer, speaker and a social media strategist helping businesses connect with their customers through social media. His website publishes regular newsletters as well.

19. Un-Marketing

Un-Marketing’s blog is centered on marketing techniques related to viral and social media. The articles divulge information on how best to create content that will engage and retain customers. Un-Marketing’s blog articles stress upon what a brand should and should not do when it comes to online content. This is important as the right online content makes content marketing effective. The President of Un-Marketing is Scott Stratten, who is an expert in various marketing processes. He is also a best-selling business author, a renowned speaker and a popular business marketing consultant.

20. Get Elastic

Get Elastic is an extremely high ranked blog that focuses on delivering its readers with ecommerce news, tips and tricks. The blog covers all the best practices of ecommerce and digital research. Articles that provide practical and how-to knowledge are numerous throughout the blog. These articles are directed towards the purpose of providing information on the best ecommerce practices and the importance that content is gaining in the marketing industry. Get Elastic is powered by Elastic Path Software, which is a digital commerce engine that helps companies with their ecommerce strategies.

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