Online Marketers, Find the Right Keywords!

What do online marketers do in crunch time situations? According to Ethan Lyon – SEO consultant at SEER Interactive, they go to the Google Adwords Tool, find popular keywords, stuff it in the content and post this so called optimized content. However, this is often not enough.

As Ethan says, there are people behind the keywords – so marketers need to make sure that they are creating content that will be useful to people conducting searches online. In this video, Ethan brings out the benefits of doing extensive keyword research and segmenting people and then targeting them with specific online marketing strategies. He also dissuades online marketers from keyword stuffing on pages, and advises targeting real consumers than search engines (which too, btw, are getting smart and wary of such so-called SEO techniques).

How to find what people are looking for

Ethan points out that there is a huge demand for certain types of online content and services but almost no supply. One method that Ethan uses to find segments of people looking for niche services is by using Google’s suggestion feature that prompts users with popular search phrases as they are typing their query in the search bar. For example, by using this method – Ethan found that many people searched “How to travel with a cat” and the search returned poor quality results, like links to to internet forums with very poor content. Now a marketer looking for keywords using the Adwords tool would have never known that there was a huge demand for information about how to travel with pets.

After finding such popular search phrases using Google’s suggestion feature, Ethan placed most of them in a tag cloud and found out that a lot of people were looking for how to travel with pets, while pregnant and how to pack light – almost as much as the number of people looking for cheap travel. Marketers following this method can find untargeted, lucrative audience segments and create content to cater to them. They can also create PPC ads for such keywords to target these segments.

Watch this video for more information and learn how to use such simple techniques to find and build relationships with potential customers.